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Corpwatch in the News

Is The U.S. Military Too Reliant On Contractors?
by Rachel MartinNational Public Radio
October 26th, 2014
In war zones, private contractors can outnumber U.S. troops, but who controls them? NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Stanford's Joseph Felter and journalist Pratap Chatterjee about current safeguards.

U.S. Contractors Convicted in 2007 Blackwater Baghdad Traffic Massacre
by Jim LobeInter Press Service
October 23rd, 2014
A federal jury here Wednesday convicted one former Blackwater contractor of murder and three of his colleagues of voluntary manslaughter in the deadly shootings of 14 unarmed civilians killed in Baghdad’s Nisour Square seven years ago.

Das Prism-Paradox
by Steffan Heuer und Thomas RamgeBrand Eins (Germany)
October 31st, 2013
Article in German about how Silicon Valley has profited out of the NSA. (Wenn sich die Entrüstung über den NSA-Skandal gelegt hat, wird die IT-Branche Kassensturz machen. Und feststellen: Die Aufregung hat sich gelohnt.)

Testimony Before the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
by Pratap ChatterjeeCenter for American Progress
July 7th, 2011
Testimony By Pratap Chatterjee, speaking for the Center for American Progress, before the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on July 7, 2011

Struggling for Power in Afghanistan
by Glenn ZorpetteNew York Times
July 6th, 2011
A New York Times op-ed cites CorpWatch's expose of the problems at the Tarakhil power plant in Afghanistan

Testimony Before the Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan
by Pratap ChatterjeeCenter for American Progress
May 5th, 2011
Testimony By Pratap Chatterjee, speaking for the Center for American Progress, before the Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan on May 2, 2011

AFGHANISTAN: Maladies of Interpreters
by Joshua FoustNew York Times
September 21st, 2009
For most American troops, the only connection they have to the locals — whether soldiers in the Afghan army or villagers they’re trying to secure — is through their interpreters. Yet the way the military uses translators is too often haphazard and sometimes dangerously negligent.

Bush is gone, but Halliburton keeps cashing checks
by Pratap
June 3rd, 2009
All was remarkably staid as shareholders celebrated Halliburton's $4 billion in operating profits in 2008 at the company's recent AGM in Houston, a striking 22 percent return at a time when many companies are announcing record losses. At the same time, Sen. Byron Dorgan's Senate Democratic Policy Committee was holding a hearing on Capitol Hill focused on abuses by former subsidiary KBR.

5 Steps to Finding Out if a Company Is Green
by  Eileen P. GunnU.S. News & World Report
October 9th, 2008
If it's important to you that your employer be environmentally responsible, how can you know for sure that a company is green enough—or even as green as it says it is? Here are five steps to help you find out all that you want to know about how green—or greenwashed—a company might be.

KBR puts more emphasis on construction
by John PorrettoAssociated Press
May 7th, 2008
KBR Inc.'s proposed $550 million acquisition of an Alabama engineering and construction company is further evidence of its drive to expand its presence in industrial construction, the top executive of the military and engineering contractor said Tuesday.

CorpWatch’s Pratap Chatterjee and Ex-Titan Translator Marwan Mawiri on Corporate Cronyism and Intelligence Outsourcing in Iraq
by Juan GonzalezDemocracy Now!
April 30th, 2008
A Senate Democratic committee heard testimony Monday alleging fraud and waste by the Pentagon’s largest contractor in Iraq, Kellogg Brown and Root, or KBR. KBR denied all the allegations. It used to be a subsidiary of Halliburton, the company formerly headed by Vice President Dick Cheney.

5th Circuit to Weigh Jurisdiction Over Contractors in Iraq
by Daphne EviatarThe American Lawyer
January 29th, 2008
CorpWatch's Pratap Chatterjee is referenced regarding the Iraq War outsourcing of military functions to KBR

The Great Iraq Swindle
by Matt TaibbiRolling Stone
August 23rd, 2007
Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi chronicles how the U.S. government botched the reconstruction of Iraq, drawing on examples from CorpWatch's new book: Baghdad Bonanza (City Lights Books, 2008)

Houston Chronicle: Though CEO leaving for Mideast, he says city is still key
by Brett ClantonHouston Chronicle
May 17th, 2007
Halliburton CEO David Lesar distances himself from problems with former subsidiary in Iraq, in reply to CorpWatch questions at the company annual meeting.

Democracy Now! Iraq's Missing Oil and Halliburton's Houston Send-Off
by Amy Goodman
May 15th, 2007
Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman interviews CorpWatch about the new "Goodbye, Houston" alternative annual Halliburton report on the eve of CEO David Lesar's departure for Dubai

Independent: Halliburton: From Bush's favourite to a national disgrace
by Andrew BuncombeIndependent (UK)
March 14th, 2007
CorpWatch's Pratap Chatterjee is prominently featured in this article about Halliburton's move to Dubai.

Sunday Times (UK): How the West short-changed Afghanistan
by Fariba NawaSunday Times (London)
October 29th, 2006
CorpWatch's Fariba Nawa reports on the troubles of her homeland, Afghanistan, in the Sunday Morning Times.

CNN International: Hurricane Katrina One Year Later
by Jonathan MannCNN International
August 29th, 2006
CNN International interview about CorpWatch's new report on disaster profiteering after Hurricane Katrina

Independent: Katrina: disaster profiteers pocket millions in deals
by Andrew BuncombeThe Independent (UK)
August 20th, 2006
The Independent examines CorpWatch's report on the reconstruction following Hurricane Katrina.

New Orleans Times Picayune: FEMA contracts reignite protests
by James VarneyNew Orleans Times Picayune
August 18th, 2006
The Times Picayune references CorpWatch's report on Hurricane Katrina in this article discussing how travel trailer contracts were awarded to a Californian and Texan firm that were supposed to benefit small local firms.

Marketplace (National Public Radio): Katrina Profiteering
by Kai Ryssdal Marketplace Radio
August 17th, 2006
Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal speaks to CorpWatch's Pratap Chatterjee about the parallels between Iraq and Hurricane Katrina, where reconstruction has been marred by profiteering.

Financial Times: Weapons and dice, and all things vice
Financial Times
June 1st, 2006
Financial Times Money Management feature cites CorpWatch as a source in review of 'corporate social responsibility'

Bergen Record: Watchdog group accuses contractor of shoddy Afghan work
by Hugh R. MorleyBergen Record
May 21st, 2006
New Jersey newspaper reports on CorpWatch criticism of a local multinational, the Louis Berger group, in our new report, "Afghanistan, Inc."

Morning Edition: Report Takes Dim View of Afghan Rebuilding Work
by Renee MontagneMorning Edition (NPR)
May 5th, 2006
Writing for the non-profit group CorpWatch, journalist Fariba Nawa tells Renee Montagne she found evidence of flawed work on schools, health clinics, roads and other public projects financed by the United States and other countries.

Denver Post: Lewis: Dubai deal business as usual
by Al LewisThe Denver Post
February 25th, 2006
CorpWatch's Pratap Chatterjee is quoted in a Denver Post article about the Dubai Ports World acquisition.

East Bay Express: Far From Home
by Chris ThompsonEast Bay Express
February 8th, 2006
CorpWatch's Afghan investigative correspondent, Fariba Nawa, gets featured in this cover article for our local weekly newspaper.

MSNBC: The Abrams Report
February 2nd, 2006
MSNBC's Abram Report interviews CorpWatch's Pratap Chatterjee about fraud involving Defense Department contractors.

New York Newsday: Christian right exhorts consumer crusades
by Carol EisenbergNewsday
December 14th, 2005
CorpWatch is quoted in an article about the consumer activism of the religious right.

Boston Globe: Raytheon to employ retired officers
by Robert WeismanThe Boston Globe
December 10th, 2005
CorpWatch's Pratap Chatterjee comments on the hiring of retired high-ranking Army, Navy, and Air Force officers for a new line of executive jobs.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Workers from poor countries serve the 48th
by Moni BasuThe Atlanta Journal-Constitution
November 6th, 2005
CorpWatch's research cited in this article about third country nationals (TCNs) from Asia who work for low pay to support the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

CNN International: Investment Activism
by Jonathon MannCNN
August 24th, 2005
CNN interviews Pratap Chatterjee of CorpWatch about shareholder activism on the left and on the right.

Washington Post: Halliburton's Higher Bill
by Griff WitteWashington Post
July 6th, 2005
Washington Post quotes our research as source for new secret $5 billion contract with Halliburton. Our military correspondent provided the Post with military contracts that the Pentagon refused to release.

New York Newsday: Working in a war zone
by Patricia KitchenNewsday
February 13th, 2005
In an article about job recruiting and conditions for military contractors in Iraq, CorpWatch explains how people will often contact CorpWatch, looking to get hired by these firms.

Wall Street Journal: Corporate Relations
by Carl BialikWall Street Journal
August 31st, 2004
The Wall Street Journal reports on Pratap Chatterjee covering the Republican National Convention for CorpWatch and Democracy Now.

San Francisco Chronicle: Migrants trade poverty for danger
by Robert CollierThe San Francisco Chronicle
August 5th, 2004
CorpWatch's Pratap Chatterjee is quoted in a front page San Francisco Chronicle article about the employment of third country nationals in Iraq.

Business Week: Philanthropy 2003: The Corporate Donors
by Michelle Conlin and Jessi Hempel, with Joshua Tanzer and David Polek,Business Week
December 1st, 2003
CorpWatch's Pratap Chatterjee is quoted in a Business Week article about Freeport McMoRan's "greenwash" of its environmentally destructive gold mine in Indonesia

New York Times: Nike Pledges to End Child Labor And Apply U.S. Rules Abroad
by John H. Cushman Jr. The New York Times
May 13th, 1998
CorpWatch is credited with exposing an Ernst & Young report, detailing the poor conditions of Nike plants in Vietnam.

Calls grow for a new model for global trade
by Robert WeismanThe Boston Globe
October 9th, 2008
Now come the second thoughts on globalization. CorpWatch's Project Director Tonya Hennessey quoted.

EU, el verdadero perdedor en la guerra contra el terrorismo
by Marcelo RaimonEl Proceso (Mexico)
May 4th, 2012
El Proceso quotes Anna Feigenbaum and Pratap Chatterjee of CorpWatch on how the private security industry has cashed in on the War on Terror.

CHILE: Bachelet asiste hoy a cena auspiciada por Barrick Gold en Nueva York
by Claudia UrquietaEl Mostrador
September 23rd, 2009
El hecho contrasta con la postura adoptada por Al Gore, quien rehusó participar en un seminario sobre Cambio Climático en Chile el 2007 si la minera impulsora del polémico proyecto Pascua Lama actuaba como sponsor. Organizaciones norteamericanas cuestionan la asistencia de la Presidencia y aseguran que esta va en dirección contraria a la línea de protección social impulsada por la mandataria.

An extended interview with the author of Halliburton’s Army: How a Well-Connected Texas Oil Company Revolutionized the Way America Makes War.
by Mike SheaTexas Monthly
January 31st, 2009
Interview with CorpWatch managing editor Pratap Chatterjee, on his forthcoming book, "Halliburton's Army," published by Nation Books and available in books stores on February 2, 2009.

Calls grow for a new model for global trade
by Robert WeismanBoston Globe
October 9th, 2008
Now come the second thoughts on globalization, as never before have world markets been so integrated. The current financial crisis could mark the start of an effort to overhaul the global financial system conceived at the 1944 summit in Bretton Woods, N.H., which set the rules of international commerce for industrial countries.

US: Google launches search for energy solutions
by Bob KeefePalm Beach Post
November 28th, 2007
Google is going ga-ga over green energy.

US: Fort Huachuca intelligence center draws private contractors
by Mike SunnucksPhoenix Business Journal
November 7th, 2007
An increasing amount of U.S. intelligence work -- including training related to aggressive interrogation methods -- is being parceled out to defense firms making Arizona's Fort Huachuca a major contracting hub.

Philippine News: R.P. probes ‘trafficked OFWs’ in Iraq
by Beting Laygo DolorPhilippine News
August 8th, 2007
President Gloria Arroyo has ordered an investigation into reports that Filipino workers were forced to go to Iraq to work on the U.S. embassy there despite a ban on them traveling there. A report from the watchdog organization CorpWatch said that “other South Asians” were indeed working for First Kuwait Trading and Contracting in Iraq.

CorpWatch stories on Iraq & New Mexico get mainstream coverage
by Pratap Chatterjee
July 27th, 2007
The U.S. Congress and the mainstream media are picking up on some of the issues that CorpWatch has been digging into over the last couple of years. Namely, trafficking of workers to Iraq; coal power plants on Diné land; and Iraq reconstruction.

Democracy Now!: The Missing Billions: Ex-Iraq Occupation Chief Paul Bremer Questioned on Oversight, Spending of Iraqi Money
by Amy GoodmanDemocracy Now!
February 8th, 2007
Democracy Now! interviews CorpWatch's director, Pratap Chatterjee, about the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform's hearing discussing how billions of dollars set aside for the Iraq reconstruction have gone missing.

Der Spiegel: Saving Afghanistan
by Susanne KoelblDer Spiegel
September 29th, 2006
Der Spiegel covers CorpWatch's investigative report, "Afghanistan, Inc."

Marketplace (National Public Radio): Investing in security checkpoints
August 11th, 2006
Marketplace radio interviews CorpWatch's Pratap Chatterjee about the surveillance contractors in the wake of alleged plot to blow up planes over the Atlantic

Marketplace (National Public Radio): Army Corps of Engineers cancels another deal
June 20th, 2006
Marketplace radio interviews CorpWatch's Pratap Chatterjee about the cancelation of another contract in Iraq.

Inter Press Service: More Nations Crack Down on Human Trafficking
by Jim LobeInter Press News Service (IPS)
June 5th, 2006
In an article commenting on the U.S. State Department's new report on human trafficking, CorpWatch's Pratap Chatterjee is quoted commenting on the trafficking Asians to U.S. military bases in Iraq.

Houston Chronicle: Shareholders, protesters alike bring issues
by Lynn J. CookHouston Chronicle
May 17th, 2006
CorpWatch's Pratap Chatterjee is quoted regarding Halliburton's bad human rights record and their use of trafficked Asian workers in Iraq.

Democracy Now!: Hundreds Gather to Protest Halliburton Shareholder Meeting
by Amy Goodman interviewDemocracy Now!
May 16th, 2006
Democracy Now! speaks with Corpwatch's Pratap Chatterjee about his new report "Hurricane Halliburton: Conflict, Climate Change and Catastrophe." We also speak with Nigerian attorney Michael Keania Karikpo who represents Environmental Rights Action in Nigeria.

Inter Press Service: The Enron-isation of Afghanistan?
by William FisherInterPress News Service
May 3rd, 2006
"Contractors in Afghanistan are making big money for bad work" – that is the conclusion reached in a new report from CorpWatch written by an Afghan-American journalist who returned to her native country to examine the progress of reconstruction.

Yale Daily News: Sudan divestment dialogue continues
by Ross Goldberg and Daniel KatzYale Daily News
February 24th, 2006
CorpWatch's Pratap Chatterjee is quoted in Yale's student newspaper, speaking about the effect of student activism.

The Australian: US 'war profiteer' wins Byron deal
by Kevin MeadeThe Australian
January 16th, 2006
CorpWatch's research is cited in this article questioning an Australian government contract with Halliburton.

One World: Dow Chemical Said Shirking Responsibility 21 Years After Disastrous Gas Leak
by Niko KyriakouOne World USA
December 11th, 2005
CorpWatch's Pratap Chatterjee is quoted in an article about the Union Carbide gas leak in India, on the 21st anniversary of that event.

Marketplace (National Public Radio): Iraqi oil production is lower than prewar levels but worth slightly more due to higher prices
by Jeff Tyler and Scott JagowMarketplace
November 9th, 2005
CorpWatch's Pratap Chatterjee explains how Iraq's money is being used for it's reconstruction.

Marketplace (National Public Radio): Halliburton investigation
October 22nd, 2005
CorpWatch's Pratap Chatterjee explains why the Pentagon continues to pay Halliburton, despite clear evidence of fraud and overcharging.

Observer (UK): All eyes on Halliburton as Contracts Turn into Contracts
by Oliver MorganThe Observer
September 11th, 2005
Corpwatch quoted in The Observer by Oliver Morgan.

The Herald: Africa has spoken, but did any of us bother to listen?
by Joan McAlpineThe Herald (Glasgow)
July 7th, 2005
CorpWatch is cited in an article about the plight of African countries in the context of the G8 summit and the African Union meeting.

Common Dreams: Protestors and Shareholders Hammer Halliburton
by Pratap Chatterjee and Medea BenjaminCommon Dreams
May 19th, 2005
CorpWatch's Pratap Chatterjee and Global Exchange's Medea Benjamin discuss the protest outside and the scene within Halliburton's annual shareholder's meeting.

New Standard: Iraq Occupation Ran On Policy of Corruption, Witnesses Say
by Brian DominickThe New Standard
February 15th, 2005
CorpWatch is cited in an article about the Congressional investigation into waste and mismanagement on the part of Custer Battles, a defence contractor in Iraq.

Irish Times: Minding their own business
by Michael JansenThe Irish Times
January 22nd, 2005
This Irish Times book review describes Iraq, Inc. as a "must read" for understanding why things are going wrong in Iraq.

Inter Press Service: Healthcare Given A 'New Look'
by Dahr JamailInter Press Service News Agency
December 7th, 2004
Independent Journalist, Dahr Jamail, references Iraq, Inc. in his commentary on hospital reconstruction in Iraq.

Contra Costa Times: CalPERS president is removed
by  George AvalosContra Costa Times
December 2nd, 2004
CorpWatch's Pratap Chatterjee is quoted in an article about the removal of CalPERS president, Sean Harrigan.

Pitt News: Univeristy of Pittsburgh shouldn't lend its name to prison privatization
by Michael DarlingThe Pitt News
November 15th, 2004
Alex Friedmann's CorpWatch feature is referenced in an article about the privatization of prisons.

Times-Picayune: Duck and Uncover
by Stewart YertonTimes-Picayune (New Orleans)
November 10th, 2004
CorpWatch's Pratap Chatterjee is quoted in an article explaining the greenwashing of oil-spills.

Post and Courier (Canada): DynCorp expands its workload
by John P. McDermottThe Post and Courier
October 27th, 2004
CorpWatch is cited in this article about DynCorp.

Inter Press Service: Special Interest Groups Spending at Record Rate
by Marty LoganInter Press Service News Agency
October 20th, 2004
CorpWatch explains bundling, in an article about campaign financing.

Business Day Africa: War Talk in Nigeria Shakes Oil Markets
Business Day Africa
October 8th, 2004
CorpWatch is referenced in describing the Ijaw militia group, Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force.

Daily Cougar: Stopping WMDs starts at home
by Matt ClementThe Daily Cougar
October 5th, 2004
CorpWatch's research is cited in an article about weapons manufacturing.

El Pais (Spain): Las Multinacionales estan ahogando los negocios locales en Irak
El Pais
July 23rd, 2004
CorpWatch's Josh Karliner is interviewed by Spain's El Pais.

San Francisco Chronicle: Muslim cartoonist has a different slant
by Jonathan CurielSan Francisco Chronicle
May 30th, 2004
CorpWatch's cartoonist, Khalil Bendib, is featured in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Australian Broadcasting: Queensland company loses lucrative Iraq contract
by Nick GrimmAustralian Broadcasting Corporation
May 21st, 2004
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation interviews CorpWatch's Pratap Chatterjee about corruption involving Halliburton and Morris Corporation.

Financial Times: Mays goes on charm offensive
by Tim Burt Financial Times
October 27th, 2003
An article in the Financial Times pits CorpWatch's website against Clear Channel's.

USA Today: Minnesota small town just says no to 'Starbucks Nation'
by Debbie HowlettUSA TODAY
October 1st, 2003
CorpWatch's Pratap Chatterjee is quoted in an article about a small town's opposition to Starbucks, Home Depot, and the Hard Rock Cafe.

La Jornada (Spain): Los rostros de la OMC en un juego de loteria
by Jim Cason and David BrooksLa Jornada
September 6th, 2003
Mexico's La Jornada does a back cover feature on CorpWatch's WTO Loteria game.

Independent (UK): Coke adds life?
by Paul Vallely, Jon Clarke, and Liz StuartThe Indepenent (UK)
July 25th, 2003
CorpWatch is quoted in an article about Coca-Cola's corporate irresponsbility in the Indian state of Kerala.

International Herald Tribune: Nike Hones Its Image on Rights in Asia
by Philip SegalInternational Herald Tribune
June 26th, 1998
CorpWatch is referenced and quoted in this article about the condition of Nike factories in Asia.

Baltimore Sun: Broadsides fired at Navy's ship-scrapping program; Critics object to plan to sell warships abroad
by Gary Cohn and Will EnglundThe Baltimore Sun
December 19th, 1997
CorpWatch (formerly Transnational Resource and Action Center) is quoted in an article about the dumping of U.S. Navy ships, laden with hazardous materials, to Third World scrapyards.

New York Times: Nike Shoe Plant in Vietnam Is Called Unsafe for Workers
by Steven GreenhouseThe New York Times
November 8th, 1997
This front page New York Time's article features a leaked document, obtained by CorpWatch (formerly TRAC), as the basis of an exposé on the conditions in a Nike factory overseas.

The Nation: Eco-Efficiency: The Business Link to Sustainable Development
by Gina NeffThe Nation
November 3rd, 1997
In a response to the free market rhetoric of chemical manufacturing CEO's, touting Corporate self-regulation, CorpWatch's Josh Karliner explains "greenwashing," the PR tactic of making a corporate image environmentally friendly.

Jordan Times: One of the reasons for the war
by Michael JansenThe Jordan Times
The Jordan Times releases an editorial that is based primarily on the research of Iraq, Inc.

Metro (Belgium): Hebzucht Amerikaans bedrijfsleven vormt tijdbom onder heropbouw Irak
Pratap's Chatterjee gets interviewed by Belgium's Metro newspaper about his book, Iraq, Inc.