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CorpWatch Staff and Advisory Board

Terry J. Allen, Editor (freelance)

Terry is a veteran investigative journalist. An editor for CorpWatch since 2003, Terry brings extensive experience. She is a senior editor at In These Times, and previously edited Amnesty International's US magazine. More recently, Terry's work has expanded into film notes and research, working on such films as Academy Award winner Fahrenheit 911 and Sundance documentary grand prize winner "Trouble the Water." Her reporting has appeared in Harper's, The Nation online, New Scientist, the Boston Globe and other publications.

Khalil Bendib, Political Cartoonist (freelance)

Khalil is an award-winning political cartoonist based in Berkeley whose work is distributed to 1,500 small and mid-sized newspapers weekly. His cartoons are also featured in dozens of ethnic and progressive print and on-line publications across the USA and Canada. Born under a French colonial regime, Khalil brings a fresh, non-Eurocentric perspective that is mostly absent from US corporate media. His hard-hitting, quixotic cartoons don't shy away from lancing the taboos of Free-Market fundamentalism. In the proud tradition of watchdog journalism, Khalil's work aims to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable and give a voice to the voiceless underdog. More of his work may be seen at

Pratap Chatterjee, Executive Director

Pratap is an investigative journalist and producer. He is the author of "Halliburton's Army" (Nation Books, 2009) "Iraq Inc.: A Profitable Occupation" (Seven Stories Press, 2004) and "The Earth Brokers" (Routledge Press, 1994).

He has many years of experience working in radio, print and digital media, including hosting a weekly radio show on Berkeley station KPFA, working as global environment editor for InterPress Service and as a freelance writer for the Financial Times, the Guardian and the Independent of London.

He has won five Project Censored awards as well as a Silver Reel from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters for his work in Afghanistan, and the best business story award from the National Newspaper Association (US), among others. He has also appeared as a commentator on numerous radio and television shows ranging from BBC World Service, CNN International, Democracy Now!, Fox and MSNBC.

Pratap serves on the board of Amnesty International USA and Corporate Europe Observatory.

Paul Goldberg, Fundraising Consultant

Paul is a fundraising consultant with nearly a decade’s worth of experience directing resources to diverse organizations working to make the world a better place. Paul has participated in teams raising millions of dollars for organizations such as Rockwood Leadership Institute, Prospect Park Alliance, Omid Advocates for Human Rights, Monterey Peninsula Water Management District, United4Iran, Build It Green and more. Based in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Paul is dedicated to progressive social change and stewardship of our natural environment.

CorpWatch Advisory Board

Executive Committee: this committee meets quarterly and functions, in part, as a governing board.*

Charlie Cray
Charlie is a research specialist with Greenpeace USA. Between 1999 and 2004, he helped edit Multinational Monitor magazine, directed the Campaign for Corporate Reform at Citizen Works, and co-authored The People’s Business: Controlling Corporations and Restoring Democracy (Berrett-Koehler, 2003). He also co-founded the watchdog web site,

Antonio Diaz Antonio is project director of PODER (People Organizing to Demand Environmental Rights) - a community-based organization in San Francisco's Mission district.

Aditi Vaidya  Aditi is a program officer at the Solidago Foundation.  She has been a part of the environmental justice movement through her prior work with ChangeToWin,  the Coalition for Clean and Safe Ports, Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, the Southwest Network for Environmental & Economic Justice and other grassroots organizations across the U.S. and internationally.

*Note: As a project of the Tides Center, CorpWatch is fiscally and legally accountable to the Tides Center Board of Directors.

Other CorpWatch Advisory Board Members

        Nikki Fortunato Bas, Sweatshop Watch

        John Cavanagh, Institute for Policy Studies

        Anna Couey, The Data Center

        Michael Dorsey, Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College

        Jeanne Gauna, South West Organizing Project - in memoriam

        Tom Goldtooth, Indigenous Environmental Network

        Richard Grossman, Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy - in memoriam

        Nicholas Hildyard, The Corner House, England

        Allan Hunt-Badiner, Rainforest Action Network

        Martin Khor, Third World Network, Malaysia

        Yoichi Kuroda, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, Japan

        Richard Moore, Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice

        Medha Patkar, National Alliance of People's Movements, India

        S. (Bobby) Peek, groundWork, South Africa

        Atila Roque, Brazilian Institute for Social and Economic Action, (IBASE), Brazil

        Satinath Sarangi, Bhopal Committee for Information and Action, India

        Ted Smith, Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition

        Michael Stein, Nonprofit Internet Strategist