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For Immediate Release: June 15th, 2001
Kenny Bruno, CorpWatch, (718) 832-5434
1310Joshua Karliner, CorpWatch, (415) 561-6567
1310Gabriela Flora, IATP, (612) 870-3417

CorpWatch Releases First in a Series of Exposés on Global Compact Companies

Today CorpWatch is releasing the first in a series of articles written by members of the Alliance for a Corporate-Free UN documenting violations of UN Global Compact Principles by the very companies that have signed onto the controversial UN Compact.

The first article, written by Gabriela Flora of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, discusses the violation of the precautionary approach, Principle 7 of the Global Compact, by the biotechnology corporation Aventis.

The article can be found at

The second article will appear on Thursday June 28th.

Check Back Every Two Weeks

CorpWatch and other members of the Alliance for a Corporate-Free UN will publish a new exposé every two weeks throughout the summer.