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For Immediate Release: July 18th, 2001
Kenny Bruno, CorpWatch (718) 832-5434
1310Joshua Karliner, CorpWatch (415) 561-6568
1310Danny Kennedy, (510) 912-3949

Rio Tinto: Global Compact Violator

CorpWatch Releases Third in a Series of Exposés

Today CorpWatch is publishing two articles, as the third installment of our series of articles written by members of the Alliance for a Corporate-Free UN documenting violations of UN Global Compact Principles by the very companies that have signed onto the controversial UN Compact.

These articles, the first written by Danny Kennedy of Project Underground and the second written by the Asia-Pacific Human Rights Network, both discuss the violation of Global Compact Principles 1 and 8 by the mining company Rio Tinto. Principle 1 asks business to "support and respect the procession of international human rights within their sphere of influence," while Principle 8 asks business to undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility."

The article can be found at

The first installment in our series discusses the violation of Global Compact Principle 7 (precautionary approach to environmental challenges) by Avnet's, and the second installment covers Nike's violation of Principle 3 (freedom of association and right to collective bargaining).

The fourth article will appear during the week of July 23rd.