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Greenwash Campaign Profile

Kenny Bruno, 718-832-5434

March 22nd, 2001

CorpWatch Greenwash Awards

CorpWatch gives out bimonthly Greenwash awards to corporations that put more money, time and energy into slick PR campaigns aimed at promoting their eco-friendly images, than they do to actually protecting the environment. Nominations for these Awards come from our audience.

green*wash: (n) Disinformation disseminated by an organisation so as to present an environmentally responsible public image. Derivatives greenwashing (n). Origin from green on the pattern of whitewash. -The Tenth Edition of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary

Why do we give out Greenwash Awards? A few reasons:


Many of the claims made by corporate environmentalists are misleading. With the Greenwash Awards, we research and document the reality behind the rhetoric, to reveal the true corporate role in various environmental and human rights issues.


Some of these PR campaigns are so slick, a credulous viewer might start to believe that all will be well, if we just leave it to the giant corporations. Should our children grow up thinking that Shell will reverse global warming, Philip Morris is the solution to domestic violence, and Monsanto our best hope to eliminate world hunger?


Behind the green PR is a deeper corporate political strategy: to get the world's governments to allow corporations to police themselves through voluntary codes of conduct, win-win partnerships and best practices learning models, rather than binding legislation and regulation. We call the corporate strategy of weakening national and international environmental agreements while promoting voluntary measures Deep Greenwash. As part of our mission of holding corporations accountable, the Greenwash Awards help expose the global corporate political agenda.


Everyone should spend a little time each month poking fun at and unmasking the pretentions of corporate polluters. It's good for the spirit.

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