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October 4th, 2001

Please Note: This action has been discontinued.
Thank you for your support!

Are you a Working Assets long distance or credit card member? If so, please consider voting for CorpWatch on their upcoming ballot. Working Assets will disperse $5 million to 55 organizations based on their members' votes. Your vote will express your support for our cutting-edge work.

Are you frustrated with the superficial and sensationalistic "news" about the recent tragic events you are getting from the corporate-owned media? Our website,, will continue to bring you cutting-edge information and analysis on the environmental, labor, and human rights impacts of corporations and globalization, untangling how it all relates to the complexities of the post-September 11 world.

Your vote for CorpWatch on the Working Assets ballot will be a vote for alternative viewpoints, helping us challenge the current corporate-led globalization model.

In advance, thank you for your vote.