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Name Human Rights Themed Advertising

March 22nd, 2001

Please Note: This action has been discontinued.
Thank you for your support!

When the first Greenwash report came out in 1992, everyone knew whitewash, hogwash and brainwash, its close cousins. But greenwash was new. Now the word is in the Oxford English Dictionary and used in articles, reports and Awards (Newsweek used it recently, but Time is still recluctant). Recently, corporations have expanded their image campaigns to include their purported dedication to human rights and humanitarian causes.

CorpWatch is holding a contest to name the phenomenon of human rights themed or humanitarian advertising and PR campaigns. Examples are Shell's discussion of human rights on its website and Unocal's newfound "commitment" to human rights.

Be a part of the development of the English language. Send your invented word to: