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IRAQ: US Firms Suspected of Bilking Iraq Funds
by Farah StockmanThe Boston Globe
April 16th, 2006
American contractors swindled hundreds of millions of dollars in Iraqi funds, but so far there is no way for Iraq's government to recoup the money.

IRAQ: Navy Won't File Charges in Iraq Contractor Fracas
by Griff Witte and Josh WhiteThe Washington Post
March 25th, 2006
Military investigators will not file charges after completing a investigation into an incident in Iraq last May in which a group of Marines alleged they had been fired on by U.S. security contractors.

US:Saudi Company Official and Former Halliburton Employee Charged in Kickback Inquiry
by James GlanzThe New York Times
March 24th, 2006
The United States attorney's office also unsealed charges against a former employee of Kellogg Brown & Root, the Halliburton subsidiary, who is accused of receiving the kickbacks, which the office said totaled $124,000.

IRAQ: Breaking the Silence
by Michael HirshNewsweek
March 22nd, 2006
A prominent former insider is criticizing the administration’s handling of Iraq’s reconstruction. And there’s more to come.

IRAQ: British Companies Making a Fortune out of Iraq Conflict
by Robert Verkaik The Independent
March 13th, 2006
A total of 61 British companies are identified as benefiting from at least £1.1bn of contracts and investment in the new Iraq. But that figure is just the tip of the iceberg.

IRAQ: The Fatal Divide at the Heart of the Coalition
by Max HastingsThe Telegraph
March 12th, 2006
US security contractors and regular US soldiers who are evangelical Christians," writes John Geddes, the ex-SAS soldier "see themselves in a crusade against the Muslim hordes. In my view, they're not much different to the Iraqi militiamen and foreign fighters who see themselves at the heart of a jihad against the Christian crusaders."

US: Defense Department Reviews Possible Halliburton Overcharges on Katrina Work
by Pamela HessUnited Press International
March 10th, 2006
A review of KBR's bills to the Navy by the Department of Defense's inspector general for work last year restoring damage by Hurricane Ivan suggest Halliburton subsidiary KBR may be charging the Navy too much in labor.

US: Contractor Found Guilty of $3 Million Fraud in Iraq
by Erik EckholmThe New York Times
March 10th, 2006
In the first corporate whistle-blower case to emerge from Iraq, a federal jury in Virginia yesterday found a contractor, Custer Battles L.L.C., guilty of defrauding the United States by filing grossly inflated invoices for work in the chaotic year after the Iraqi invasion.

IRAQ: Mystery as Men in Police Uniform Raid Baghdad Firm
by Mariam KarounyReuters
March 8th, 2006
Armed men in police uniform seized dozens of Iraqi private security guards from their firm's compound on Wednesday, police said, but officials contradicted each other over whether they were arrested or kidnapped.

US: Contentious Close in Private Security Contractor Whistleblower Case
by Andrew MigaAssociated Press
March 7th, 2006

US: Private Security Cofounder Denies Bilking Government
by John E. MulliganThe Providence Journal
March 7th, 2006
Cofounder Scott Custer says the company, which is facing war-profiteering charges, performed well under dangerous and "extremely difficult" conditions in Iraq.

US: Bechtel Contractor Based in Dubai Gets Lucrative U.S. Security Contracts
by John Byrne and Ron BrynaertThe Raw Story
March 6th, 2006
The revelation that a Dubai-based firm provides security consulting for myriad U.S. operations at home and abroad shows the increasing tendency of the U.S. government to privatize security efforts.

US: Arms Dealers Fight for Sales in Asia
by Peter PaeThe Los Angeles Times
March 6th, 2006
With Pentagon buying likely to slow, firms show off hardware in Singapore.

US: Fighting War Profiteering, Truman-Style
by Sarah AndersonAlternet
March 6th, 2006
If Rumsfeld hopes to bask in Truman's aura as a military leader, he'd do well to take a stand against the rampant corruption that is occurring on his watch.

US: Congressman Gets Prison for Contractor Bribes
by Tony PerryThe Los Angeles Times
March 5th, 2006
US Congressman 'Duke' Cunningham sentenced to 8 years, 4 months Former congressman took millions in bribes.

US: Accountant Testifies for Custer Battles
by John E. MulliganThe Providence Journal
March 4th, 2006
Kevin Carter, a Warwick accountant, says he reconciled most of the $12.8 million spent by the company that now stands accused of war profiteering.

US: Sometimes, Government is the Answer
by Moshe AdlerThe Los Angeles Times
March 4th, 2006
Thanks to Halliburton, U.S. taxpayers are getting an expensive lesson in the costs of private contractors.

US: Democrats Want Tougher Government Contracting Terms
March 2nd, 2006
Sen. Byron Dorgan of North Dakota, a co-sponsor of the new bill, said the legislation would set new standards to "restore integrity to a federal contracting process that has too often been operated in a manner that neither ensures confidence nor that taxpayers get a fair return for what they have paid."

UK: UK attacked for Uganda arms deal
by Karen AllenBBC News
March 1st, 2006
The UK has failed to act on promises to plug loopholes that allow the sale of arms to countries with poor human rights records, aid agency Oxfam says. It says that military vehicles were sold to Uganda by a South African subsidiary of the UK firm BAE Systems.

US: Being Timely Was Key to Halliburton Bonuses
by David IvanovichThe Houston Chronicle
February 28th, 2006
Houston's Halliburton Co. earned nearly $100 million from its controversial no-bid contract to repair Iraq's oilfields and import fuel into that violence-torn country, Pentagon records show.

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