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Bechtel: Oil, Gas and Mining
by Pratap ChatterjeeSpecial to CorpWatch
May 1st, 2003
Bechtel has also played a major role in construction for the fossil fuel economy and the mining industry. Today as we lurch into a world where climate change has become a daily reality because of our over-consumption of fossil fuels Bechtel must take a share of the blame having built quite a few of the nation's as well as the world's major oil and natural gas production facilities and pipelines.

Corporate Restructuring to Protect Nukes from Liability
by Karl GrossmanSpecial to CorpWatch
October 23rd, 2002
Not only have manufacturers of nuclear plants undergone globalization, but utilities in the U.S. have been engaged in consolidation and mergers in the last several years along with the increased use of limited liability and multi-tiered holding companies to own nuclear plants.

Afghan Pipe Dreams: Will Oil and Gas Giants Build a Central Asian Pipeline? Where?
by Pratap ChatterjeeSpecial to CorpWatch
June 28th, 2002
Not everybody is convinced that Turkmenistan will be the source of a future pipeline in Central Asia. Joseph Naemi, another Iranian born businessmen who splits his time between Sydney, Australia, and Tashkent, Uzbekistan, is working on the possibility that Afghanistan's other major northern neighbor may be a better business bet

Another Oily Tie That Binds: Koch Industries
by Wayne MadsenSpecial to CorpWatch
February 14th, 2002
The oily links of the Bush presidency and the GOP do not end with energy and telecom giants like Williams Companies and Enron. On January 18, Williams named to its Board of Directors W. W. "Bill" Hanna, the former vice chairman of Koch Industries, an oil, gas and petrochemical company that was a major contributor to the Bush campaign.

Enron Teaches Tough Lessons for Developing World
by Praful BidwaiInter Press Service
February 7th, 2002
In the Third World Enron faces very little opprobrium, even embarrassment. In India, where it has the largest direct investment in an overseas industrial project, the corporation continues to make bullying and threatening moves.

Shell Games: Divide and Conquer in Norco's Diamond Community
by Anne RolfesCommunity Members in Diamond and CBE
November 1st, 2000
Diamond is a neighborhood of four streets in the town of Norco, Louisiana, 40 miles up the Mississippi River from New Orleans. Diamond is in the heart of the region's infamous ''Cancer Alley.''

Enron: Facts and Figures
ImpactResearch: A Program of the DataCenter
June 1st, 2000
Here are some facts and figures about Enron. As of June 2000, Enron had contributed $10,265 to Sen. Slade Gorton 's Campaign (Center for Responsive Politics).

Oiling The Machine: Fossil Fuel Dollars Funneled into the U.S. Political Process
October 20th, 1997
Greenpeace delivered this report to Senators and Clinton Administration officials. The report highlights the amount of money received by the both parties from oil, coal, gas, and car companies, and reveals that ARCO gave the most funding of any individual corporation with a total of $3.4 million in donations since 1991.