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The Education Industry Facts: An Overview
July 8th, 1998
Here is the information for our ''click-able'' schoolhouse. The data comes from Consumer Reports' ''Captive Kids: Commercial Pressures on Kids at School.''

What's on Channel 1?
Center for Commercial Free Public Education
July 8th, 1998
Eight Million U.S. students are required to watch Channel One -- a commercial filled current events program every day. Schools get satellite dishes, VCRs and TVs in exchange for providing a captive audience to advertisers. Check out this report from the Center for Commercial Free Public Education.

The CCPA Education Project
by Erika ShakerCanadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
July 8th, 1998
Erika Shaker, an analyst with the Center for Policy Alternatives looks at the education industry's inroads in Canada.

Captive Kids: A Report on Commercial Pressures on Kids at School
Consumer Reports
January 1st, 1998
Excerpts from Consumer Reports' ground breaking study on commercialism in the schools.

The Commercialized Classroom
by Holley KnausMultinational Monitor
March 1st, 1992
Underfunded schools, desperate for resources, are increasingly receptive to corporate-sponsored educational materials and programs, and are ever more accepting of the associated commercialism and product promotion. ''We are paying for educational deficits by selling kids to advertisers,'' says Peggy Charren, president of the advocacy group Action for Children's Television