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Interview with Mr. H.H. Nerurkar (HN), vice president, Tata Steel
by Nityanand JayaramanSpecial to CorpWatch
June 10th, 2006
In response to a Corpwatch article, Mr. H.H. Nerurkar, vice president Tata Steel, met with Nityanand Jayaraman in Chennai to "clarify" Tata's position. In the course of an hour-long conversation, Nerurkar laid out a roadmap according to which Tatas will mine ore, build factories in Orissa, and contribute to the upliftment of Orissa in general, and the adivasis in particular. He outlined the details of a program to train youth from families evicted to make way for industries to become construction labourers sent to work on industrial and infrastructural projects in various parts of the country.

ECOS REPORT: Oil Development in northern Upper Nile, Sudan 2006
European Coalition on Oil in Sudan
May 31st, 2006
This preliminary investigation by ECOS documents the socio-economic and environmental impact of oil exploitation in the Melut Basin in Upper Nile State, Sudan, as told by inhabitants of the area and photo graphed from satellites. It focuses on the Melut and Maban Counties, Renk District, which fall into concession blocks 3 and 7, held by the Petrodar Operating Company Ltd. under a Production Sharing Agreement with the Sudanese Government.

G8 Summit: Corporate Welfare or Water for all?
by Corporate Europe ObservatoryCorporate Europe Observatory
May 29th, 2003
The EU Water Fund, to be presented at the G8 summit in Evian, seems more about corporate welfare than helping the world's poorest. The EU plan builds on controversial proposals by former IMF director Michel Camdessus, to use aid money to subsidise the expansion of private water corporations. Confidential documents obtained by CEO show how the European Commission has worked in tandem with Suez and other giant water corporations in developing its international water initiatives.

Associating with the Wrong Company
by Asia-Pacific Human Rights NetworkHuman Rights Features
July 13th, 2001
The world's largest private mining company, Rio Tinto, has long been criticized for gross human rights violations dating back to its support of apartheid in Southern Africa. Despite its abysmal record, Rio Tinto has recently been accepted, and even courted, by intergovernmental institutions such as the United Nations and the Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions (the Asia Pacific Forum).

MEXICO: Communities Win Against Silver Producing Giant
Drillbits & Tailings (Project Underground)
May 15th, 1999
The northwestern city of Torreon in the Mexican state of Coahuila will get a high-tech vaccum cleaning from one of the world's largest silver producing companies, Industrias Penoles. The clean-up was ordered by the Coahuilas state government after company's toxic waste practices were linked to lead poisoning in children.