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Pakistan: Corporate Farms Worry Food Activists
by Muddassir RizviInter Press Service
July 7th, 2000
ISLAMABAD -- The Pakistani government is inviting foreign business into the country's farms, giving rise to fears that this will finish off millions of small tillers and reduce national food supply.

Brazil: Activists Outraged by Decision on GM Crops
by Mario OsavaInter Press Service
July 4th, 2000
RIO DE JANEIRO -- The Brazilian Consumers Defence Institute (IDEC) asked the courts to issue arrest warrants for the members of a government scientific commission that gave the go-ahead to imports of transgenic corn, on the argument that the decision was released in violation of the law.

UK: Corporate Control of the Genome Only the Beginning
by George MonbiotThe Guardian (UK)
June 29th, 2000
Nearly everyone debating the mapping of the human genome now agrees on one thing: that the identification of our genes invokes an unprecedented danger, as it might assist a handful of companies to seize something which belongs to all of us. I wish this were true.

Canada: Farmer v. Monsanto
by Fred BridglandEnvironment News Service
June 19th, 2000
Saskatchewan, Canada -- On the Great Plains of Canada, farmer Percy Schmeiser has engaged in a David v. Goliath battle which could save farmers and consumers around the world from a genetically modified food nightmare beyond anything they have experienced so far.

Corn Growers Submit Recommendations to USDA on Agricultural Biotechnology
News and Views (American Corn Growers Association)
May 8th, 2000
The American Corn Growers Association (ACGA) has submitted comments to the United States Department of Agriculture's Advisory Committee on Agricultural Biotechnology. These comments include sixteen (16) recommendations that will protect agricultural producers in this whole debate over genetically modified (GMO) crops.

USA: Over 2,500 Challenge Biotech Industry To Debate
by Raphael Lewis and Jamal E. WatsonBoston Globe
March 27th, 2000
Despite fears of violence in the streets, an estimated 2,500 chanting, costumed demonstrators kept their promise to march peacefully through the Back Bay yesterday as they voiced their opposition to the spread of biotechnology.

Malaysia: Consumer Groups Press for Labelling of GE Food
by Anil NettoInter Press Service
March 13th, 2000
Buoyed by a string of recent campaign successes, consumer groups around the world are now demanding mandatory labelling of genetically modified (GM)food as they mark World Consumer Rights Day on Mar 15, reflecting growing concern about the unregulated production and trade of GM food crops.

Europe: Protests Against GE Foods Spread Across Continent
Environment News Service
March 8th, 2000
In time for the spring planting season, the pressure group Friends of the Earth Europe is launching its biggest ever campaign on foods and crops made from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in 22 countries across Europe.

USA: Union Carbide CEO Fugitive in Bhopal Suit
by Chris HedgesNew York Times
March 7th, 2000
Warren M. Anderson, chairman of the Union Carbide Corporation during the 1984 chemical disaster at Bhopal, India, has apparently gone into hiding to avoid a summons to appear in a Manhattan federal court as part of civil proceedings against him and the company, say lawyers who have hired a private investigator to locate Mr. Anderson.

Scotland: Consumer Advocates Throw Down Gauntlet on GE Foods
Agence France Presse
February 29th, 2000
Genetically-modified foods face a consumer revolt if biotech corporations, scientists and policy-makers fail to overhaul the way they vet the safety of these novel products, consumer watchdogs said Tuesday.

USA: Farmers Desert Genetically Modified Crops
by Julian BorgerThe Guardian (UK)
February 17th, 2000
US farmers have just finished buying seed for the coming growing season, and early studies suggest that a significant proportion are abandoning GM. A market survey reveals that US farmers plan to plant 16% less genetically modified (GM) corn than they did last year.

WORLD: Critics Fear New Treaty Subordinates Biosafety to Trade
by Danielle KnightInter Press Service
February 1st, 2000
Environmental groups, while praising aspects of the first worldwide treaty governing trade in genetically modified organisms (GMO), criticise the scope of the agreement and worry it could be subverted by powerful free trade interests.

India: Construction Industry Uses Toxic Waste
by Nidhi JamwalDown to Earth
January 31st, 2000
Ignorance is bliss. This seems to be the state of mind of the Indian government for several environment-related issues, including that of hazardous waste like phosphogypsum (PG). A byproduct of the fertiliser industry, PG is used liberally by the construction industry and its use is promoted by the government.

Canada: Biosafety Talks Trigger Demonstrations and Debate
Environment News Service
January 24th, 2000
Delegates from 130 nations arriving this morning at the International Aviation Building in Montreal to restart talks on a set of rules for the transborder movement of genetically modified organisms were greeted by protesters and police. But temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius below zero kept demonstrators subdued and police idle.

INDIA: Setting the Record Straight
by Joshua Karliner
December 4th, 1994
A Conversation with Edward A. Munoz, former Managing Director of Union Carbide India, Limited. An interview with the former head of Union Carbide India conducted by Joshua Karliner, Executive Director of CorpWatch, in association with the Bhopal Action Resource Center of the Council on International and Public Affairs.

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