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The United Nations Sits in Suspicious Company
by Joshua Karliner and Kenny BrunoInternational Herald Tribune
August 10th, 2000
At the UN meeting, the leaders of corporations well known for running sweatshops, engendering environmental disaster and colluding in human rights violations sat at the table with Mr. Annan. They agreed to adhere to and publicly promote the Global Compact's nine core principles of universally accepted labor, environmental and human rights values.

U.N. Signs Up with Big Business to Promote Values
by Richard RothCNN
July 27th, 2000
The corporations, which were welcomed to U.N. Headquarters Wednesday by Secretary-General Kofi Annan, are paying big money to be able to say they are supporting the missions of the U.N.

UN: Annan Says Only Open Markets Can Ease World Poverty
July 26th, 2000
Open markets offer the only realistic hope for lifting billions of people in developing countries out of poverty while maintaining prosperity in the industrial world, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Wednesday.

UN: Multinationals Sign Pact on Rights and Environment
by Joseph KahnNew York Times
July 26th, 2000
Some 50 multinationals joined 12 labor associations and watchdog groups to sign a ''global compact'' that commits them to support human rights, eliminate child labor, allow free trade unions and refrain from polluting the environment wherever they do business.

List of Corporations and Organizations Supporting the Global Compact
UN Headquarters
July 26th, 2000
Here is a list of corporations, organizations and business associations supporting the Global Compact.

Letters to Kofi Annan Blasting the Global Compact Corporations
July 25th, 2000
Here is a collection of correspondence to Kofi Annan blasting the Global Compact corporations.

Coalition Says Global Compact Threatens UN Mission and Integrity
by CorpWatch
July 25th, 2000
An international coalition of human rights and environmental groups denounced a new UN-corporate collaboration as ''threatening the mission and integrity of the United Nations.''

UN: NGOs to Voice Concerns at Development Summit
Agence France Presse
June 22nd, 2000
GENEVA -- Nearly 100 Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) are gathering here to make their concerns and criticisms heard ahead of a United Nations summit starting Monday to assess global social development.

Activists Help End Flawed UN/Corporate Partnership
by CorpWatch
June 14th, 2000
SAN FRANCISCO and NEW YORK -- CorpWatch has learned that after a year long campaign by environmentalists, human rights groups, labor unions and other non-governmental organizations a leading UN agency abandoned its perilous partnership with a group of transnational corporations whose tarnished human rights, environmental and development records threatened to rub off on the world body.

The United Nations and Globalization
by Martin KhorThird World Network
May 22nd, 2000
This speech was given by Martin Khor, Director of the Third World Network at the opening plenary of the Millenium Forum in late May 2000. The Millenium Forum was a gathering of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) designed to generate input for the Millenium Assembly -- a UN-sponsored meeting of world leaders slated for early September 2000.

Groups Expose More United Nations Affiliations with Corporate Predators
by CorpWatch
September 23rd, 1999
SAN FRANCISCO -- Non-governmental organizations have sent a letter to UN High Commissioner for Refugees Sadako Ogata and UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy calling for their resignation from the Business Humanitarian Forum (BHF).

A Perilous Partnership
by Joshua Karliner, John Cavanagh, Phyllis Bennis and Ward MorehouseCorpWatch, IPS and CIPA
March 16th, 1999
In a sharp detour from its mission of serving the world's poor, a key UN agency, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), has solicited funds from global corporations with tarnished records on human rights, labor and the environment. A Perilous Partnership takes a hard look at this new initiative to build corporate partnerships in the United Nations.

Correspondence between International Human Rights, Environment and Development Organizations and the UNDP
CorpWatch, et al.
March 12th, 1999
Here is an index of correspondence from March to August 1999 between international human rights, environment and development organizations and the Unitd Nations Development Programme's Administrator.

Key United Nations Agency Solicits Funds From Corporations
by CorpWatch
March 12th, 1999
NEW YORK -- In a sharp detour from its mission of serving the world's poor, a key UN agency, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), has solicited funds from global corporations with tarnished records on human rights, labor and the environment.

List of Corporations Participating in the GSDF Project
United Nations Development Programme
February 1st, 1999
Here is a list of corporations participating in the GSDF project as of February 1999.

A UNDP Interoffice Memorandum on the Global Sustainable Development Facility
United Nations Development Programme
July 21st, 1998
Here is a leaked interoffice UNDP memo that addresses the Global Sustainable Development Facility (GSDF) Project.

The Global Sustainable Development Facility
United Nations Development Programme
June 15th, 1998
Here is a leaked document describing the proposed Global Sustainable Development Facility.

A Memorandum from the UNDP Administrator, Gus Speth
United Nations Development Programme
June 15th, 1998
Here is a leaked memo from UNDP Administrator, Gus Speth to Regional Bureaux Directors regarding the development of the Global Sustainable Development Facility project.

Citizens Compact
January 28th, 1998
We propose a compact between the UN and civil society, regarding the UN's relationship with the private sector. With this compact, we pledge our active support for a strengthening of the United Nations, financially and politically. Adherence to these nine principles will safeguard the image, mission and credibility of the United Nations as it deals with the private sector.

World Business Council on Sustainable Development
June 1st, 1997
In honor of the United Nations General Assembly Special Session to mark the fifth anniversary of the Rio Earth Summit, this month's Greenwash Award goes to the World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

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