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USA: Supreme Court Sides with American Airlines Over Union
February 26th, 2001
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday let stand a ruling that a pilots union and two of its officers must pay $45.5 million in compensatory damages to AMR Corp.'s American Airlines, the nation's second-largest airline, for refusing to halt a sickout in 1999.

Mexico: Baja Towns Struggle After Saving Whale Sanctuary
Environment News Service
February 9th, 2001
Communities surrounding Laguna San Ignacio in Baja, Mexico, will receive money from environmental groups that helped stop a plan to convert the last undisturbed nursery for the Pacific gray whale into the worlds largest industrial salt facility.

India: Economy Shaken by Quake
by Ranjit DevrajInter Press Service
February 1st, 2001
According to a top government leader, the Jan. 26 quake, which rated 7.9 on the Richter scale, destroyed property worth more than 100 billion rupees (about two billion U.S. dollars) in western coastal Gujarat state.

Vietnam: New Export, People
by John GittelsohnOrange County Register
January 28th, 2001
''Sending laborers to work abroad is one of Vietnam's major efforts to settle issues of employment, especially for young people,'' Prime Minister Pham Van Khai said last year

Central America: Earthquake Poses New Threat to Development
by Nfer MuozInter Press Service
January 15th, 2001
The earthquake that left behind death and destruction in El Salvador last Saturday has imposed new obstacles for the development of all Central America, just as the nightmares caused by Hurricane Mitch in 1998 were beginning to dissipate.

Ecuador: Record Inflation in First Year of 'Dollarization'
by Kintto LucasInter Press Service
January 10th, 2001
The adoption of the dollar a year ago in Ecuador has not been happily accepted by most of the population, who suffered 91 percent inflation in dollars last year, the highest annual rate in the history of the country.

USA/India: Toxic Shipment Under Fire
by Neville JuddEnvironment News Service
January 10th, 2001
Maine's worst mercury polluter is proving to be as controversial in liquidation as when the company was manufacturing caustic soda and chlorine from its Orrington plant on the Penobscot River.

USA: Clinton Preserves Pristine Roadless National Forests
by Brian HansenEnvironment News Service
January 5th, 2001
In a move that ranks among the most significant environmental policy initiatives in U.S. history, President Bill Clinton today announced the adoption of a comprehensive strategy that bans road construction and commercial logging on nearly 60 million acres of U.S. Forest Service land.

El Salvador: Dollarization Brings Chaos
by Néfer MuñozInter Press Service
January 5th, 2001
A sense of bewilderment prevailed among El Salvador's poor majority after the introduction of the dollar as legal tender this week, as many people in the informal sector of the economy did not even know how to make change in dollars.

USA: Nurses Organize to Protect Patients
by Michael J. BerensChicago Tribune
December 20th, 2000
Besieged by inadequate staffing, nurses are pushing their calls for reform into the public spotlight. From raucous street rallies to private meetings, the primarily female profession is circumventing a code of silence that, in some hospitals, still mandates that nurses should not speak to a superior unless spoken to first.

USA: Microsoft Settles Temp Lawsuits for $97 Million
by Peggy AndersenAssociated Press
December 13th, 2000
Microsoft agreed to pay $97 million to settle federal lawsuits filed on behalf of thousands of long-term temporary workers, who often received lower pay and fewer benefits than their permanent counterparts.

USA: EPA, General Electric Clash Over Hudson River Cleanup
by Brian HansenEnvironment News Service
December 6th, 2000
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today recommended that the General Electric Company finance a $460 million effort to dredge more than 100,000 pounds of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) from a 40 mile stretch of the Hudson River in upstate New York.

USA: Lockheed Funds Study Using Human Guinea Pigs
by Marla ConeLos Angeles Times
November 27th, 2000
But these human volunteers--recruited by Loma Linda University Medical Center and paid $1,000 apiece--are not testing a new medication. The pills contain an industrial pollutant called perchlorate, a chemical found in rocket fuel.

India: Three Dead in Protests Against Industry Shut Down
by Devinder SharmaEnvironment News Service
November 22nd, 2000
Three people have been killed in violent protests in India's capital city of New Delhi. The four days of protests are against the court ordered closure of about 7,000 polluting industrial facilities.

Vietnam: US Firms Seek SE Asian Market
by Martin CrutsingerAssociated Press
November 14th, 2000
American business is hungry for a share of the Vietnam market, seeking to meet its demand for soft drinks, consumer products and high-tech telecommunications services and to gain a foothold in the massive rebuilding of a country heavily damaged by U.S. warplanes a quarter-century ago.

USA: Washington Turns a Blind Eye to Union Busting
by Michael
November 14th, 2000
Avante employees had twice voted, in landslide numbers, to align themselves with the Service Employees International Union. Both times, Avante had contested the elections and forced more rounds of voting. Now the company is in an ongoing legal battle with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) that will likely take several years to resolve.

Russia: Villagers Dump Radioactive Soil on Parliament's Doorstep
Environment News Service
October 10th, 2000
Villagers from the Chelyabinsk region in the Ural Mountains delivered contaminated soil to the Russian parliament Monday. The soil comes from the gardens and farms that surround the giant Mayak nuclear site. The villagers' protest, which has attracted more than two million signatures on a petition, is at a proposal to allow imports of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel.

USA: Hotel Chains Rate Poorly on Diversity and Promotion Practices, Says NAACP
by Ron ZapataAssociated Press
October 9th, 2000
The nation's 11 major hotel chains have not kept their promises to improve business opportunities for blacks, the NAACP said Monday in urging people to avoid ''underperforming'' companies.

Australia: Fosters Beer to Drop Greenhouse Gas Refrigerants
Environment News Service
August 16th, 2000
One month before the opening ceremony for the 2000 Olympic Games, Greenpeace Australia has issued a report card to the Games that shows Sydney has failed to live up to the promise of the so-called Green Games.

USA: Los Angeles Hotel Workers Fight Back
by Jennifer BleyerAlterNet
August 14th, 2000
While Democratic visitors inside the posh Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel gussied themselves up for yesterday evening's events, dozens of hotel workers and hundreds of supporters rallied outside the hotel for their right to organize. Taking advantage of this week's national spotlight on Los Angeles to publicize their struggle, the rally, which was sponsored by the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union, Local 814, included appearances by Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone, AFL-CIO President John Sweeney, and Rev. Jesse Jackson.

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