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USA: Iowa Proposes ''Immigrant Enterprise Zones''
by Frank TrejoDallas Morning News
July 30th, 2000
The panel wants Iowa to be designated an ''immigration enterprise zone'' so the state could seek exemptions from federal immigration quotas, making it easier for people to move to Iowa and work there.

G8: Thousands Form Human Chain Around US Airbase in Japan
July 20th, 2000
OKINAWA, Japan -- More than 27,000 people linked hands under the bright skies of Japan's Okinawa island on Thursday in a dramatic protest against U.S. forces there.

Philippines: 100 Bodies Found in Garbage Slide
Environment New Service
July 11th, 2000
MANILA, Philippines -- Philippine search and rescue workers have recovered 100 bodies from the Payatas garbage dump after torrential rains brought down the mountain of garbage in the northern Manila suburb of Quezon city.

Mexico: Victory For Democracy or Neoliberalism?
by Dan La BotzMexican Labor News and Analysis
July 7th, 2000
Vicente Fox Quesada, the former Coca Cola executive, rancher and businessman from the conservative National Action Party (PAN) won Mexico's presidential election on July 2 ending 71 years of rule by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

G8 Summit Must Act to Erase Debt Burden Says Trade Union Group
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
July 7th, 2000
BRUSSELS -- ''It is scandalous that despite high flown promises so little has been done to cancel the debt burden of the poorest countries'' said the ICFTU General Secretary Bill Jordan following a meeting in Tokyo with the Japanese Prime Minister.

Mexico: President Elect Brings Business Approach to Governing
by Diego CevallosInter Press Service
July 4th, 2000
MEXICO CITY -- Mexico's president-elect Vicente Fox said Tuesday that the change of government would be smooth and crisis-free, and that his absolute top priority would be the fight against poverty.

Ecuador: Janitors Write Demands in Blood
Associated Press
July 4th, 2000
QUITO, Ecuador -- A group of striking public hospital janitors used their own blood Tuesday, drawn with hypodermic needles, to write out their demands for salary increases, better working conditions and greater job security.

USA: Abusive Child Labor Found in Agriculture
Human Rights Watch
June 20th, 2000
NEW YORK -- Hundreds of thousands of child farmworkers are laboring under dangerous and grueling conditions in the United States, Human Rights Watch charged in a report released today.

Fiji: Timber's Role in Coup
by David RobieGemini News Service
June 14th, 2000
As the political crisis in Fiji twisted and turned on an almost daily basis following the seizure of the Prime Minister and a group of other hostages, a pre-coup controversy over millions of dollars' worth of mahogany was forgotten. A Gemini News Service correspondent looks at a timber dispute that is not yet over.

USA: Trade Unionists from 20 Countries Challenge General Electric's Globalization
by Jim LobeInter Press Service
March 22nd, 2000
Union leaders from 20 countries are gathering here this week to co-ordinate efforts to deal with the aggressive globalisation strategy of the US-based multinational giant, General Electric Company (GE).

USA: Racial Wealth Gap Remains
by Yochi J. DreazenThe Wall Street Journal
March 14th, 2000
The booming economy has done much to boost the fortunes of many long-disadvantaged Americans. But the gap in well-being between whites and nonwhites didn't budge over the 1990s and remains huge, especially when measured by wealth.

USA: 175 Arrested at Hotel Protest Against Youth Crime Initiative
by Justino AguilaSan Francisco Examiner
March 9th, 2000
More than 175 noisy but nonviolent protesters, outraged by the passage of Proposition 21 on Tuesday, were hauled away by police after taking over the lobby of the Hilton hotel and refusing to leave.

Ecuador: Unions Plan Big Protest
March 7th, 2000
Ecuador's largest union confederation said Tuesday it would stage protests in the capital Quito on March 21 against government plans to adopt the U.S. dollar as official currency. The Coordinator of Social Movements, which groups agricultural, oil, power, telecom and other unions, said it would bring Quito to a halt to protest Ecuador's ''dollarization'', which was approved by Congress last week.

Mexico: Activists Beat Mitsubishi
UN Wire
March 3rd, 2000
Bowing to pressure from environmental groups, Japanese industrial giant Mitsubishi and the Mexican government announced yesterday they are scrapping plans to build a salt works near a gray whale breeding area in Baja California (New York Times).

USA: Boeing Walkout Reverberates in White Collar World
by Dean PatonChristian Science Monitor
February 24th, 2000
In two weeks, this band of Boeing engineers and technicians has metamorphosed from little more than a voluntary employees club to perhaps the most potent symbol of white-collar solidarity in America today.

Mexico: Student Protests Over Free Market Policies Spread
by John RiceAssociated Press
February 9th, 2000
The strike began last April to protest an increase in UNAM's minimal tuition and other reforms. University officials quickly backed off on the tuition issue, but radicals controlling the strike committee pressed ahead with the strike, seeing it as part of a struggle against free-market economic policies.

USA: Texas Judge Gags California Union
February 8th, 2000
In an extraordinary restraint of free speech, a Texas judge has issued a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) that forbids a Northern California union from making any truthful statements about a company involved in a current labor dispute. In response, SEIU Local 250 has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit today in the US District Court of Northern California.

USA: Microsoft Loses Appeal in Workers Dispute
by James ViciniReuters
January 10th, 2000
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected Microsoft Corp.'s appeal of a ruling that thousands of temporary and contract workers were eligible to buy discounted stock in the software giant.

USA: Nuclear Weapons Plant Has Y2K Glitch
January 4th, 2000
A year 2000 computer glitch at a U.S. Energy Department nuclear weapons plant in Tennessee remains unfixed, but workers have been able to track nuclear material at the site using an alternative system, a department official said on Tuesday.

Venezuela: Cargill and Local Companies Destroy Wetlands
Arthur Feinstein and Ralph Nobles
December 28th, 1999
Los Olivitos, located near Lake Maracaibo's el Tablazo Bay, is so biologically rich that it has been designated as a United Nations RAMSAR Treaty site, a Wetland of International Importance. Yet this has not stopped its ongoing destruction by PRODUSAL, a consortium of a Venezuelan petrochemical firm, Pequiven, and our own Cargill Salt Company.

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