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USA: Losing War on Cancer, Ignoring Prevention
Environment News Service
February 21st, 2003
Leading players in the war on cancer should do more to educate the American public about how to minimize its risk of contracting the disease, according to a new report from the Cancer Prevention Coalition (CPC).

GMO Summit
Public Interest Environmental Law Conference and the Farmer Cooperative
February 14th, 2003
Public Interest Environmental Law Conference and the Farmer Cooperative Genome Project Meeting bring two days of panels dedicated to the emerging legal, social, and environmental issues surrounding the introduction of genetic engineering to agriculture, medicine, and industry.

US: Groups Protest Rules Change on 'Dolphin Safe' Label
by Jane KaySan Francisco Chronicle
February 12th, 2003
Environmental groups asked a federal court Tuesday to halt a rule that they say would weaken the "dolphin safe" label on canned tuna and dramatically increase the number of deaths among the ocean mammals.

Tell Borders to Boycott Boise Cascade
Rain Forest Action Network
February 7th, 2003
Borders Books and its subsidiary Waldenbooks are helping Boise overthrow the most popular conservation measure in American history: The U.S. Roadless Conservation Policy.

USA: The Truth About Bush's New Tax Cut
by James RidgewayVillage Voice
January 7th, 2003
Almost half of the projected benefits from President Bush's plan to scrap taxes on dividends would go to the 1 percent of the population whose incomes top $1 million. The scheme has been promoted as beneficial to the elderly, but in fact, only 6 percent of the elderly with incomes under $50,000 get anything out of it. These figures come from a briefing Monday by the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, a Washington think tank. Further, taxpayers who earn $35,000 or less come away with $27 more a year.

USA: Oil, Air, Energy Laws at Risk
by Eric Pianin and Helen DewarWashington Post
November 18th, 2002
Suddenly, President Bush's proposals to drill for oil in an Alaskan wilderness, boost energy exploration in the Rockies and consider changes to some major environmental laws are back in play, following the Republicans' resounding success in the Nov. 5 congressional elections.

Airline Mechanics Hold Nationwide Protest Against Wage Cuts and Outsourcing of Work
AMTs Against Concessions Network
November 14th, 2002
On November 20, 2002, mechanics from American Airlines, United Airlines and other carriers will hold pickets in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas/Fort Worth, and New York City. Mechanics are picketing to show support for job security and inform the flying public of the declining state of aircraft maintenance today. This is not a union-sponsored demonstration, but a grassroots reaction to the wave of concessions sweeping through the industry. Mechanics feel that cutting more costs in maintenance budgets is not a safe or effective way to make up for a lack of revenue.

Unsustainability at Lufthansa
Hotel Employees & Restaurant Employees International Union (HERE)
November 14th, 2002
We are writing to inform you about Lufthansa's mistreatment of its low-wage employees in the United States, where Lufthansa employs approximately 14,000 workers in its airline catering and foods processing divisions. Workplace abuses ranging from alleged sexual assault by managers, to employees working at home without pay, to management denying the rights of its employees to unionize are reported on a Web site,

UK Firefighters on the Picket Line -- and on the Web
LabourStart (UK)
November 14th, 2002
Last night at 18:00, tens of thousands of British firefighters walked off their jobs in the first national strike in 25 years.

McDonald's Anti-Union Activities
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
October 10th, 2002
Brussels (October 9, 2002) -- Today, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will meet with McDonalds' union activists from around the world to discuss the company's anti-union activities, and the truth behind McDonalds' so-called ''people promise''. The group of MEPs will include Theo Bouwman, President of the European Parliament's Committee on Employment and Social Affairs.

USA: Drink Coffee? Read This
by Michelle ChiharaAlterNet
September 19th, 2002
Since the arrival of the venti half-caf latte in the '90s, Americans have gotten used to the idea of the $3 (or more) cup of coffee. Designer coffee is still booming -- Starbucks Coffee company profits totaled $181 million in fiscal 2000, and the company now has 5,688 locations from Indonesia to Spain to the U.S.

USA: Long Island Breast Cancer Study Missing the Nuke Connection?
by Karl GrossmanEast Hampton Star
August 22nd, 2002
Results have been announced of the multi-million dollar federal Long Island Breast Cancer Study--that no links have been found between breast cancer here and several chemicals studied--and Newsday has devoted a series to the studys inconclusive outcome and the New York Times featured it on the front page of its Week in Review section.

Peru: Illegal Loggers Invade Indigenous Area
by Mary PowersEnvironment News Service
August 9th, 2002
Mahogany loggers have invaded a reserve area for non-contacted native groups in Peru's southeastern jungle to illegally extract the highly prized lumber. They have clashed with tribes in the area, activists and a leader of an indigenous federation said.

USA: Study Finds No Link Between Organochlorines, Breast Cancer
by Cat LazaroffEnviroment News Service
August 6th, 2002
A seven year study of breast cancer clusters on Long Island has found no link between the disease and exposure to chemical pollutants known as organochlorine compounds. But a separate study found that high exposure to pollutants called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons was linked to a modest increase in risk of developing breast cancer.

CorpWatch Hires New Executive Director
by CorpWatch
July 23rd, 2002
CorpWatch announced today that it had completed its search for a new executive director. Maria Elena Martinez, a Mexican activist and researcher will join the organization as Executive Director as of October 1st.

Free Guide Helps Investors Select Ethical and Responsible Investments
SRI World Group
July 18th, 2002
Brattleboro, VT (July 16, 2002) -- A new guide aimed at helping individual investors align their investments with their values has just been published by SRI World Group. The 20-page guide, entitled Investing in Socially Responsible Mutual Funds, is part of a free socially responsible investing (SRI) Mutual Funds Kit that can be ordered from is a service of SRI World Group and is the Internet's most comprehensive personal finance site devoted to socially responsible investing.

India: Bhopal Survivors Extend Hunger Strike
The Hindu
July 3rd, 2002
The indefinite hunger strike by survivors of the Bhopal gas tragedy entered the fifth day today with no assurance coming from the government on their demands.

The Movement Loses a Visionary Leader
Chuck Kaufman, National Co-Coordinator, Nicaragua Network
July 3rd, 2002
Trim Bissell, founder and National Co-Coordinator of the Campaign for Labor Rights, succumbed after a 20-month battle with a brain tumor and left the ranks of those who struggle for justice and peace.

Peru: New Forestry Law Triggers Violent Protests
by Mary PowersEnvironment News Service
July 1st, 2002
LIMA, Peru -- A new forestry law that changes the way logging concessions for Peru's tropical forests are granted is facing violent opposition by a small group of loggers who environmental groups say represent big logging interests responsible for decades of depredation in the lush Amazon rainforest.

Democracy Now! Looking for a Producer
Democracy Now!
June 28th, 2002
Democracy Now! is looking for a Producer. Salary negotiable. Start immediately. People of color strongly encouraged to apply.

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