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Borders CEO: Don't Limit Access to Books, Ideas
Ralph Nader and Commercial Alert
June 27th, 2002
WASHINGTON (June 26, 2002) -- Ralph Nader, Commercial Alert, and 27 authors and scholars sent a letter today to Borders Group CEO Gregory P. Josefowicz, asking him to reconsider his "category management" plan which will likely reduce the range of ideas in print and put small publishers out of business. The letter follows.

USA: WorldCom, The Latest Corporate Accounting Scandal
by Kurt Eichenwald with Simon RomeroNew York Times
June 27th, 2002
The first inklings of the debacle that has consumed WorldCom emerged last week, when an internal company auditor stumbled across something curious. Expenses the company had incurred in 2001 for its telecommunications network did not appear where they should have in its internal books. Instead, those costs to the tune of billions of dollars had been systematically sprinkled across a series of accounts for capital expenditures.

Don't Let Indian Government Bury Bhopal!
CorpWatch India
June 26th, 2002
Activist pressure on Dow Chemical Corporation may account for some recent developments in India regarding the Bhopal issue.

Tell the Chinese Daily News to Recognize the Union
Communications Workers of America
June 20th, 2002
How long does it take to get a union recognized? For workers at the Chinese Daily News in Monterey Park, California, it may take years. Thats because the Chinese Daily News has told its workers that it intends to keep CWA out by refusing to bargain. Workers in the paper's advertising, business, circulation, news and production departments voted to join CWA Local 39521 on March 16, 2001. Take Action today!

Union Wins Strike Against Cement Company
International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions
June 20th, 2002
WASHINGTON, D.C., June 17 Local 219-O of the Communications, Energy & Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP) has emerged victorious in its six-month strike against cement giant Lafarge Inc. at the company's Bath, Ontario facility, with the union's membership ratifying a new agreement on Saturday by 77%.

AFL-CIO Looking for Researchers
June 20th, 2002
Campaign researchers investigate issues, analyze data, and help develop strategies as part of union organizing campaigns. Current job openings range from entry to senior levels and involve a wide range of applied field research activities in fast-paced campaign environments with different unions across the country.

USA: Glacier Threatens Alaskan Fishing Village
New York Times
June 16th, 2002
YAKUTAT, Alaska -- Hubbard Glacier, one of the world's largest, is threatening the economic life of this tiny, predominantly Tlingit fishing village on the southeast Alaskan coast.

Europe: Deep Sea Fisheries to be Regulated
Environment News Service
June 12th, 2002
LUXEMBOURG -- The European Commission has crafted a new Common Fisheries Policy for Europe in an attempt to revive collapsing fish populations and keep the European fishing industry alive at the same time.

USA: Gay Shame
by Tommi Avicolli
June 7th, 2002
How appropriate that the new documentary about the Cockettes, the outrageous early 70s drag troupe that genderbended its way to infamy, was showing just a few feet from the corner of Castro and Market in San Francisco where the Gay Shame Awards were being given by a group of radical queers.

USA: Florida Farm Workers Take On Taco Bell
by David BaconPacific News Service
May 29th, 2002
Take note, saucy little Taco Bell Chihuahua. Farm workers in Florida who pick tomatoes that wind up on the fast-food giant's menu are fed up with backbreaking work at slave-labor wages. They're uniting with students in a new Southern labor movement that just might rival the anti-sweatshop protests that rocked sportswear manufacturers in the 1990s.

India/Pakistan: Water War Warning as Tension Escalates
by Daniel
May 21st, 2002
Even as Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee prepared to visit an army camp in Indian-administered Kashmir and intensifying cross-border firing raised fears of another Indo-Pakistan war, the head of a leading think-tank on South Asian conflicts has forecast that peace would hold - but only until water sparked off a full-scale clash within the next few years.

USA: Tribe, Labor Union Protest Plant
by Rick RobinsonThe Oklahoman
May 10th, 2002
labor union, Rick Robinson, The Oklahoman, Ponca Nation, DEQ, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, PACE, Paper, Allied Chemical and Energy Workers International Union, wastewater system, Continental Carbon Co., cleanup, environmental justice, leaking lagoons, environmental pollution, China Synthetic Rubber Corp., Taiwan Cement Corp., Ponca City plant, Native Americans, indigenous rights

Rainforest Activists Launch ''Dinosaur Tour''
Rainforest Action Network
May 9th, 2002
SEATTLE (May 7, 2002) -- Rainforest Action Network (RAN) floated a giant 120-foot dinosaur hot air balloon that proclaims, ''I LOVE DESTROYING OLD GROWTH,'' over Microsoft this morning. The dinosaur balloon is part of a national ''Dinosaur Tour'' to highlight the absurdity of destroying old growth forests and confront Boise's (NYSE: BCC), formerly Boise Cascade, local customers -- Microsoft, Eddie Bauer, University of Washington and the state of Washington -- about continuing business ties with America's most destructive logging company. Industry dinosaur Boise refuses to heed public sentiment in support of wilderness and old growth protection and end its barbaric practices of buying and selling products made from old growth, endangered forests and logging on U.S. public lands. Over the next six weeks, RAN will bring the dinosaur balloon to major cities across the country.

Australia: Power Rip-Off Exposed
by Andrew Heasley and Rod MyerThe Age
May 4th, 2002
The Federal Court yesterday fined three electricity transformer companies and senior executives $15 million after they were found guilty of engaging in anti-competitive behaviour, including collusion and price fixing, which has inflated the cost of electricity.

Asia: General Motors Swallows Rival
by Seth
May 4th, 2002
The General Motor Corp. just paid $1.2 billion to buy crucial parts of South Korea's Daewoo Motor Corp. An April 30 AP article noted that the deal ''has symbolic significance for the South Korean government.'' It has made good on its vow ''to attract foreign investment to restructure the corporate sector following the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis.''

USA: Nearly 3,000 Chocolate Workers Strike
by George StrawleyAssociated Press
April 26th, 2002
HERSHEY, Pennsylvania -- Nearly 3,000 Hershey Foods Corp. workers upset with an offer from the nation's biggest candymaker that would increase their health insurance contributions walked off the job Friday at two Hershey factories.

Italy: Government Resumes Talks After Mass Union Strike
by Luke BakerReuters
April 17th, 2002
ROME -- Senior Italian ministers lined up on Wednesday to express willingness to resume talks with unions over labour reforms, a day after an eight-hour general strike brought the country to a near standstill.

Iceland: Norsk Hydro Ices Aluminum Smelter
Environment News Service
April 4th, 2002
OSLO, Norway -- Norsk Hydro has decided to postpone indefinitely its plans to build a enormous aluminium smelter in Iceland. Conservationists are declaring victory against the facility which they say would destroy a highland wilderness area.

Chile: McDonald's Sues Customer $1.25 Million Over Food Poisoning Complaint
by Larry RohterNew York Times
March 31st, 2002
SANTIAGO, Chile -- Carmen Calderon walked into a McDonald's restaurant here late last year to complain that her son had come down with food poisoning after eating one if its hamburgers. Hoping for an apology, she is instead facing a $1.25 million lawsuit.

New Website Supports Corporate Accountability in India
by CorpWatch
March 26th, 2002
CorpWatch, a US-based organization working to hold corporations accountable locally and globally, launched a new website -- -- today to expose the social and environmental impacts of corporate investment in India.

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