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Iraq: Making a Killing Without Taxes and Tariffs
by Rory McCarthyGuardian (London)
December 8th, 2003
Free trade was one of the pillars of the neo-conservative vision for the new Iraq: a progressive, secular democracy with one of the most open, tariff-free markets in the world.

US: Boeings Skillful Lobbying Efforts
by Marianne Brun-Rovet, Joshua Chaffin, Caroline Daniel and James HardingFinancial Times
December 8th, 2003
In a June day this year, just over 50 executives from the Boeing Company trooped into Room 405 upstairs in the Old Executive Office building adjacent to the White House. From the podium where George W. Bush often hosts visiting groups, Karl Rove, the president's chief political strategist, briefed the Boeing managers on the administration's agenda and how it overlapped with Boeing's concerns.

Iraq: Funds Falling Short of Donor Pledges
by Steven R. WeismanNew York Times
December 7th, 2003
Six weeks after organizers of an international donors conference in Madrid said that more than $3 billion in grants had been pledged to help Iraq with immediate needs, a new World Bank tally verifies grants of only $685 million for 2004.

Iraq: Delays Hand Halliburton $1bn
by Oliver MorganObserver (London)
December 7th, 2003
Halliburton, the engineering group formerly run by US vice-president Dick Cheney, has been given $1 billion worth of reconstruction work in Iraq by the US government without having to compete for it, thanks to repeated delays in opening up a key contract to competition.

UK: BAE Accused of Hiding Cash Paid to Win Deals
by David Leigh and Rob EvansGuardian (London)
December 5th, 2003
Britain's biggest arms company stands accused of running an international system of secret commission payments, using Swiss banks and a tiny island in the Caribbean. The allegations, by sources involved in the transactions, are based on Swiss bank records. These normally closely-guarded documents have emerged following long-running controversies over BAE Systems' arms sales and the frequent allegations of corruption which surround them.

US: The Pentagon Clips Boeing's Wings
by William CederwellGuardian (London)
December 4th, 2003
A bad week got worse for Boeing on Tuesday when a $20bn (12bn) contract to supply the US air force with refuelling tankers was frozen, on Pentagon orders, following allegations of ethical misconduct at the troubled aerospace group. The contract had become tainted by accusations that Boeing's chief financial officer, Mike Sears, had recruited a senior Boeing executive, Darleen Druyun, when she was still a Pentagon employee and a key negotiator for the contract on the US air force's behalf. The pair were sacked last week, but "the stench has just gotten a lot more pungent", according to the Washington Post.

US: Northrop Wins Missile Defense Deal with Pentagon
by Peter PaeLos Angeles Times
December 4th, 2003
Northrop Grumman Corp. and Raytheon Co. on Wednesday won a major Pentagon contract potentially worth more than $10 billion to develop and build a new rocket that could destroy ballistic missiles in the early stages of flight.

Bechtel Fails Reconstruction of Iraq's Schools
by Karim El-GawharySpecial to CorpWatch
December 2nd, 2003
Bechtel has been awarded a contract by USAID for the reconstruction of Iraq's schools, as part of a deal worth up to $1.03 billion. But the question remains whether Bechtel, like the US army, is part of the solution or part of the problem.

US: Boeing's CEO Steps Down Amid Scandal
by Peter PaeLos Angeles Times
December 2nd, 2003
Boeing Co. Chairman and Chief Executive Philip M. Condit unexpectedly resigned Monday, as the world's largest aerospace company moved quickly to restore an image sullied by scandal.

US: Boeing Chairman Resigns Following Ethics Questions
by Dave CarpenterAssociated Press
December 1st, 2003
The shake-up comes a week after Boeing unexpectedly fired its chief financial officer, Mike Sears, for unethical conduct, saying he negotiated the hiring of an Air Force missile defense expert while she was still working for the Pentagon and was in a position to influence Boeing contracts. Sears has denied any wrongdoing.

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