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U.S. Embassy in Baghdad built by trafficked workers in squalid working conditions
October 17th, 2006
Workers accuse the Kuwait contractor building the US embassy in Baghdad of labor trafficking and smuggling low-paid South Asians into Iraq. Still, the US State Department casts a blind eye on the complaints as it rushes to complete its most ambitious embassy project ever.

Big, Easy Money: Disaster Profiteering on the American Gulf Coast
by Rita J. King
August 17th, 2006
Disaster profiteers make millions while local companies and laborers in New Orleans and the rest of the Katrina-devastated Gulf Coast region are systematically getting the short end of the stick, according to a major new report from the nonprofit CorpWatch.
Click here for the press release, to read the text version or to download the report.

Hurricane Halliburton
by CorpWatch
May 15th, 2006
CorpWatch and its partners today released an alternative annual report on Halliburton titled: "Hurricane Halliburton: Conflict, Climate Change and Catastrophe." The new report was prepared in association with Asociacion Civil Labor in Peru, Environmental Rights Action Nigeria (members of the Friends of the Earth International network), HalliburtonWatch and the Oil & Gas Accountability Project.

Afghanistan Inc.
by Fariba Nawa
May 2nd, 2006
A highway that begins crumbling before it is finished. A school with a collapsed roof. A clinic with faulty plumbing. A farmers' cooperative that farmers can't use. A new report "Afghanistan, Inc.," issued by the non-profit organization CorpWatch, details the bungled reconstruction effort in Afghanistan.