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Coca Cola Breaks Ranks on Climate
Greenpeace International
May 10th, 2001
In a letter to Greenpeace yesterday, Coca Cola Spain stated that it fully backed the European governments support for the international climate change agreement the Kyoto Protocol, an agreement US President Bush rejected six weeks ago today.

Download Climate Action Kit
Greenpeace International
May 3rd, 2001
On 5 April, Greenpeace launched a new climate campaign by writing to the 100 largest U.S. corporations, many of whom funded Bush's election campaign, and asking them to explain their position on the Kyoto Protocol. As of today, only ExxonMobil, the largest U.S. corporation, has responded, not with a letter, but by taking out ads in major newspapers attacking the Kyoto Protocol.

Human Rights vs. Oil
April 27th, 2001
Sarah James, a powerful Gwich'in woman, has been a voice for indigenous rights, human rights, and environmental issues for over 10 years. Since 1988, she has been a leader in the fight to prevent oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Ms. James is a Board Member of the Gwich'in Steering Committee and the International Indian Treaty Council.

Climate Justice Tour 2001 Schedule
April 27th, 2001
Here is the schedule for the 2001 tour.

Indigenous Environmental Network 12th Annual Conference
Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN)
April 26th, 2001
Sustainable Agriculture, Traditional Food Systems and the Right to Food, Energy Policies and Indigenous Peoples (oil, hydro, nuclear, gas-methane, coal, renewable). Other topics: Climate change, persistent organic pollutants, (POPs), pesticides, mining, traditional ecological knowledge, treaty rights - land and water, sustainable forests, organizing skills and more!

USA: Bush Task Force to Recommend Alaska Drilling
by Patricia WilsonReuters
April 23rd, 2001
Seeking to clarify a muddied message on oil exploration in the Alaska wilderness, the White House said on Monday President Bush's energy panel would call for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

International Coalition Delivers Scathing Earth Day Letter to President Bush on Climate Change and Environmental Justice
by CorpWatch
April 20th, 2001
Today leaders of more than a dozen environmental justice organizations from the United States and around the world delivered an Earth Day letter to President George W. Bush offering a scathing response to the U.S. abandonment of the Kyoto Protocol.

Environmental Justice Appeal to Bush on Climate Change
April 19th, 2001
We are writing you today to express our profound concern with your new climate change policies with respect to their impacts on poor people and people of color in the United States and around the world.

Climate Justice From the Niger Delta to Cancer Alley
April 19th, 2001
Human Rights attorney and environmental activist, Oronto Douglas, is on the road with CorpWatch's 2001 Climate Justice Tour of seven U.S. cities.

''Climate Justice'' Advocates Warn of Impact of Global Warming on Planet's Poor
by CorpWatch
April 19th, 2001
SAN FRANCISCO -- Two environmentalists from opposite ends of the globe, linked by their common experiences with the ecological degradation and human rights abuses associated with oil production, are joining together to tour American towns and cities as part of a Climate Justice Tour.

New Boycott Bush Website (ECRA)
April 19th, 2001
The website,, has been set up to allow individuals to influence the global politics of climate change. Set up by UK-based campaign organisation ECRA, the new website seeks to show that by targeting the companies that bankrolled Bush to victory in November, individuals can force his hand at climate talks in Bonn this July.

Nigerian, Native Alaskan Join Climate Justice Spring Tour
by Amit Srivastava and Joshua KarlinerCorpWatch
April 16th, 2001
SAN FRANCISCO -- As part of CorpWatch's ongoing efforts to broaden the constituency of people in the United States active around climate change, and to inject an environmental justice and human rights perspective into the climate debate, we are organizing a Climate Justice Spring Tour between April 18 - May 2, 2001.

Australia: Activists Discuss World Boycott of U.S. Oil Firms
Associated Press
April 12th, 2001
Green groups from around the world were drawing up a global action plan Friday that could include boycotts of U.S. energy giants to force the United States to honor its Kyoto greenhouse gas reduction commitments.

Activists Defeat Coal Industry SLAPP Suit
Center for Food Safety & Int'l. Center for Technology Assessment
April 5th, 2001
Environmental groups hailed a federal court's dismissal of a major lawsuit filed by the coal industry that had sought to silence debate on global warming and impose massive damages for the groups' global warming publicity.

USA: Whitman Gives No Hope on Climate Treaty
by Cat LazaroffEnvironment News Service
April 4th, 2001
On Monday and Tuesday, representatives of the European Union (EU), including Environment Commissioner Margot Wallstrm, Swedish Environment Minister Kjell Larsson and Marc Pallemaerts from the Belgian State Secretary's Office for Energy and Sustainable Development, were in Washington DC to discuss the future of the Kyoto Protocol, an international agreement aimed at curbing global warming.

Corporate Campaign to Corrupt The Kyoto Protocol Continues After COP-6
Corporate Europe Observatory
April 1st, 2001
The UN Climate Change Conference in The Hague (COP-6) last November -- intended to wrap-up three years of negotiations on the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol -- ended without result. At the last moment, European environment ministers rejected a compromise proposal that would not only have enabled industrialised countries and their corporations to escape their promised greenhouse gas reductions, but also would have allowed them to significantly increase their emissions.

The Global Warming President
by Joshua KarlinerCorpWatch
March 29th, 2001
President G. W. Bush has moved quickly and decisively to burn his initials onto the most serious environmental issue the world has ever faced. He has made it clear for all to see that unless he dramatically reverses course, it's going to be ''G'' for global, ''W'' for warming, Bush from now on.

EU: Disgust Over Bush's Kyoto Decision
Agence France Presse
March 29th, 2001
Europeans reacted sharply Thursday to President George W. Bush's repudiation of the Kyoto global warming treaty, with France denouncing it as a scandal and an alarmed European Union announcing it would send top-ranking representatives to Washington.

USA: Bush Pulls Out of Kyoto Protocol
Environment News Service
March 28th, 2001
Christie Todd Whitman, head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, confirmed today that the country will not implement the Kyoto Protocol. ''We have no interest in implementing that treaty,'' Whitman told reporters.

Climate Justice Fact Sheet
March 22nd, 2001
Last year CorpWatch launched an initiative to redefine the global warming issue as a question of local and global justice. Here is CorpWatch's fact sheet on climate justice.

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