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Shell's Climate Greenwash
by CorpWatch
November 20th, 2000
THE HAGUE -- It is virtually an unspoken irony here that the climate change negotiations are taking place in Royal Dutch Shell's home town. Shell, one of the world's largest oil corporations, is responsible for a great deal of global warming gasses.

At COP6 Negotiations, Shell's Neighbors Confront Them in Front of Their Peers -- Exposing Their ''Greenwash''
by CorpWatch
November 20th, 2000
THE HAGUE -- Today, at the COP6 climate change negotiations, Shell's neighbors confronted them in their own backyard -- exposing their public relations ''greenwash'' as lies.

Alternative Summit Opens with Call for Climate Justice
by CorpWatch
November 19th, 2000
THE HAGUE -- In sharp contrast to the formal climate negotiations, representatives of communities affected by the fossil fuel industry, countries threatened by global warming's rising tides and grassroots groups working for international environmental justice opened the First Climate Justice Summit today.

Netherlands: Oil Companies Wreak Destruction from Arctic Circle to Nigeria
by Mark
November 19th, 2000
As delegates caught up on their sleep during the official day of rest yesterday, speakers were lining up at the 'Climate Justice Summit' to tell their stories of devastation wrought by oil companies. One of the main themes of the conference was an emphasis on the leading role being taken by local communities trying to stop the climate change problem at source by confronting oil and mining companies.

Shell: Clouding the Issue
by Kenny BrunoSpecial to CorpWatch
November 15th, 2000
Shell wants you to believe that they're working to curb climate change. But Greenwash Guru Kenny Bruno takes a deeper look at Shell's latest ad campaign and finds they're full of hot air.

Climate Justice Summit Program
November 14th, 2000
Here is the program for the 2000 Climate Justice Summit in the Hague.

Netherlands: US Position Threatens to Derail Climate Negotiations
by Cat LazaroffEnvironment News Service
November 14th, 2000
The United States has taken a tough stance regarding the compromises it is willing to make in this week's international climate change negotiations in the Netherlands. The U.S. position threatens to alienate the support of some environmental groups, which could be crucial to the successful implementation of the agreement.

World: Climate Talks Hinge on US Elections
by Marcela ValenteInter Press Service
November 3rd, 2000
The United States has been the key actor in preparatory negotiations leading up to the climate change conference to be held at The Hague this month, leading many to fear that US presidential elections Nov 7 will mean the enactment of the conference's resolutions will be put on hold.

Climate Politics Come to The Hague
by Tom AthanasiouForeign Policy in Focus
November 1st, 2000
Just a few strange days after the American elections, the climate negotiations will have a long-anticipated, critical, and entirely inevitable confrontation with global environmental justice.

Greenhouse Market Mania: UN Climate Talks Corrupted by Corporate 'Solutions'
by Belén Balanyá, Ann Doherty, Olivier Hoedeman, Adam Ma'anit, and Erik WesseliusCorporate Europe Observatory
November 1st, 2000
The Kyoto Protocol on global warming is in danger of becoming the most corporate-friendly environmental treaty in history. From November 13th through 24th, the Dutch city of The Hague will host the UN Climate Summit, officially titled the Sixth Conference of the Parties to the Climate Convention, or COP-6. Final decisions on the implementation of the treaty will be taken at the Hague meeting.

World: Climate Change Conference or Business Meeting?
by Marcela ValenteInter Press Service
November 1st, 2000
Delegates from 175 countries are to meet at The Hague in mid-November to hammer out details for satisfying commitments made for curbing emissions of climate-changing greenhouse gases, but environmental activists warn that the discussions leading up to the conference look more like business deals.

UN: Report Reveals Dire Global Warming Projections
UN Wire
October 31st, 2000
A new report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reveals new evidence that man-made pollution has ''contributed substantially'' to global warming and that the planet is likely to get hotter than previously predicted, the Associated Press reports. The findings are expected to carry great weight in the climate debate over the next decade.

USA: Global Warming ''Tricks'' Opposed by Environmental Groups
Nuclear Energy Information Service
October 31st, 2000
Local environmental groups are ''hot''about Clinton Administration global warming ''tricks'' designed to promote an expansion of nuclear power and use of carbon 'sinks' as allegedly ''sustainable'' means of meeting its commitment to fighting global warming.

Pacific Islands: Report Says Pacific Reefs, Economies Threatened
UN Wire
October 31st, 2000
Pacific island nations face severe economic decline due to the effects of global warming on coral reefs, which currently represent a key source of income, according to a Greenpeace report released Friday.

UK: Earth Will Get Hotter than Expected
by John VidalThe Guardian Unlimited
October 30th, 2000
Leading climate scientists now agree that human pollution, mainly from fossil fuels, has added substantially to global warming in the past 50 years and that the Earth is likely to get far hotter than previously predicted, with immense consequences for people and wildlife.

USA: Corporate Giants Begin Greenhouse Gas Trading Program
by Danielle KnightInter Press Service
October 18th, 2000
Seven corporations, including several of the world's largest multinational companies, have joined with an environmental group in seeking ways to trade emission permits to reduce their production of heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions. But critics say the partnership is just more of the same hot air from the world's fossil fuel industry.

USA: Corporate Giants Begin Greenhouse Gas Trading
Inter Press Service
October 18th, 2000
Seven corporations, including some of the world's largest multinational companies, have joined with an environmental group in seeking ways to trade emission permits to reduce their production of heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions.

World: Environment Ministers Plan for Rio+10
by Susana Guzmn OrtegaEnvironment News Service
October 5th, 2000
The ministers are getting ready for Rio+10, a global meeting of world leaders 10 years after the historic 1992 United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Rio+10 is expected to build on Agenda 21, the plan of work agreed upon at the Earth Summit to conserve the environment.

Canada: Arctic Pollution Linked to Industrial Plants and Incinerators
by Danielle KnightInter Press Service
October 3rd, 2000
Toxic pollution that has mysteriously entered Canada's pristine Arctic region has now been linked to air emissions from specific municipal waste incinerators, cement kilns and industrial plants in the United States, Canada and Mexico, according to a new study released Tuesday.

USA: BP's Arctic Oil Project Stalled as Greenpeace Occupies Barge
by Neville JuddEnvironment News Service
August 7th, 2000
The environmental group Greenpeace International says it took the action this morning because British Petroleum's (BP) Northstar Development will fuel global warming and open the Arctic to offshore oil expansion.

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