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South Africa: Earth Summit Plan of Action Adopted
Environment News Service
September 4th, 2002
Negotiators for 191 countries attending the World Summit on Sustainable Development have agreed upon a Plan of Action to alleviate poverty and conserve the Earth's natural resources. Summit delegates are expected to adopt the action plan, with a political declaration, at the conclusion of the summit on Wednesday.

Taxpayers Unknowingly Support Big Oil in the Americas
Sustainable Energy and Economy Network (SEEN)
September 4th, 2002
WASHINGTON (August 30, 2002) -- As citizens and governments descend on Johannesburg, South Africa, for the World Summit on Sustainable Development, the oil industry is gathering in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the World Petroleum Congress. Ten years ago, Rio was host to the first Earth Summit, at which nations of the world promised to combat global warming and enhance global conservation efforts. But a new study released today by the Institute for Policy Studies shows that in the last ten years, over $22 billion in corporate handouts were given to the oil, gas and coal industry operating in Latin America.

Bali Principles of Climate Justice
International Climate Justice Network
August 28th, 2002
An international coalition has released a set of principles that "put a human face on climate change." The watershed document looks at global warming from a human rights and environmental justice perspective.

South Africa: U.S., Saudis Oppose Summit Plan on Energy
Washington Post
August 28th, 2002
The United States, Saudi Arabia and other wealthy nations reportedly worked today to water down proposals at a U.N. summit to rapidly expand the use of clean, renewable energy technologies.

USA: Export Agencies Sued Over Global Warming
The Washington Post
August 27th, 2002
Two environmental groups and the city of Boulder, Colo.,plan to file a lawsuit today charging two federal agencies with contributing to climate change through their financing policies.

SOUTH AFRICA: Police Arrest 52 in Landless March Ahead of Earth Summit
Agence France Presse
August 22nd, 2002
Fifty-two protesters were arrested after about 2,000 landless South Africans marched on provincial offices in Johannesburg to demand an end to forced removals from squatter camps, a police spokeswoman said.

Pacific Islands: Climate Change, Radiation Concern Leaders
Environment News Service
August 19th, 2002
Government leaders of 16 Pacific Island nations expressed "deep concerns" about the adverse impacts of climate change, climate variability and sea level rise as the 33rd Pacific Islands Forum closed in Suva on Saturday. Many of these small and low lying island nations are already experiencing extreme hardship.

USA: Bush Turns His Back on Earth Summit
Environment News Service
August 19th, 2002
Secretary of State Colin Powell will lead the American delegation to the World Summit on Sustainable Development, to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa from August 26 through September 4. President George W. Bush made the announcement late today, giving no explanation as to why he will not be attending the summit to join 106 other world leaders on the speaker's podium.

USA: Oil Lobby Urges Bush to Keep Climate Change Off the Table at Earth Summit
by Anthony BrowneTimes of London
August 16th, 2002
Conservative lobbyists in the US funded by Esso have urged President Bush to derail the Earth summit in Johannesburg because it is anti-freedom, anti-people, anti-globalization and anti-Western.

S. Asia: Brown Cloud Threatens Health, Agriculture, Climate
Envirronment News Service
August 12th, 2002
A hazy brown cloud covering South Asia to a depth of three kilometers (two miles) is disrupting seasonal monsoon weather patterns, damaging agriculture, and risking the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in the region, scientists working with an United Nations study said today.

Canada: Native Premier Stands Firm on Global Warming
by By Jim BellEnvironment News Service
August 9th, 2002
Premier Paul Okalik used a simple story about his children to help derail Alberta's attempt to forge an anti-Kyoto Protocol consensus among Canadian premiers meeting in Halifax.

USA: Report Cites Surge in CO2 Emissions
by Eric PianinWashington Post
July 31st, 2002
U.S. cars and light trucks produce a fifth of all carbon dioxide in this country associated with problems of global warming, and those emissions have begun to surge after decades of steady decline, a new study says.

India: Double Lashing as Drought Hits North, Floods Ravage East
Agence France Presse
July 29th, 2002
Large swathes of northern India are being crippled by a savage drought while the east of the country is being tormented by monsoon rains that have left some six million people homeless.

India: Delhi to Host Climate Change Meeting
Business Line
July 15th, 2002
CHENNAI, July 14 -- India will host the Eighth Conference of Parties (COP-8) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) at New Delhi between October 23 and November 1.

''Fenceline: A Company Town Divided'' Premieres
July 15th, 2002
FENCELINE: A COMPANY TOWN DIVIDED premieres nationally on P.O.V. Tuesday, July 23, 2002 at 10:00 pm (check local listings) on PBS. Produced by LOGTV, Ltd. in association with the Independent Television Service. ITVS and National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC) Co-presentation.

Concerned Citizens of Norco Reach Agreement with Shell Chemical
Texas SEED Coalition
June 20th, 2002
The Concerned Citizens of Norco (CCN) and Shell Chemical LP (Shell) have engaged in a series of frank and open discussions in an attempt to understand and resolve their differences regarding the Voluntary Property Purchase Program, a program designed to create greenbelt space along the fence lines of the Shell and Motiva Enterprises (Motiva) facilities in Norco, Louisiana that was offered to residents living on two of the four streets that make up the tight-knit and historic Diamond neighborhood. CCN and Shell also discussed the Shell and Motiva Good Neighbor Initiative, which contains several programs to enhance the quality of life for all of Norco, including the Diamond neighborhood.

World: Climate Shift Feeds Desert Growth
Environment News Service
June 17th, 2002
Over the next 20 years some 60 million people in northern Africa are expected to leave the Sahelian region if desertification there is not halted, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan said today. June 17 is the day set aside each year by the UN as World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, twin problems that must be solved if world hunger is to be relieved, Annan said.

Australia: Backing Out of Climate Protocol
Environment News Service
June 6th, 2002
CANBERRA, Australia -- ''It is not in Australia's interests to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.'' With those words to Parliament Wednesday, on World Environment Day, Australian Prime Minister John Howard put the world on notice that Australia will not join other industrialized countries in the international treaty to limit global warming.

US: Energy Task Force Documents Show Industry Influence
by Cat LazaroffEnvironment News Service
May 22nd, 2002
Vice President Richard Cheney's energy task force met with industry representatives 25 times for every one contact with conservation and public interest groups, shows a review by the group whose lawsuit prompted the release of thousands of Energy Department documents. The review was released the same day that the energy agency delivered another 1,500 pages of previously withheld task force information.

Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Storage Infringes on Native Rights
Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN)
May 9th, 2002
BEMIDJI, MN -- A tribal leader from Nevada and Native and non-Native environmental groups are disappointed with the House of Representatives vote today to approve Yucca Mountain as the nation's nuclear waste repository, overriding the veto of Nevada Governor Guinn.

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