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Ford & the Nazi War Efforts
by Joshua KarlinerCorpWatch
November 1st, 1998
The Ford Motor Company's commercial-free sponsorship of NBC's airing of "Schindler's List," the epic movie about the Holocaust, was a class act. Nevertheless, it would be remiss of us here at CorpWatch, not to point out Ford's contribution to Nazi war efforts.

Mitsubishi and Laguna San Ignacio
by Joshua KarlinerCorpWatch
March 1st, 1998
Our quarterly Greenwash Award goes to the Mitsubishi Group of Companies for its ceaseless efforts to portray its various businesses -- some of the most destructive on earth -- as environmentally friendly.

Mitsubishi vs. Reality
by Dr. Mark SpaldingCorpWatch
March 1st, 1998
Here is a point by point rebuttal of Mitsubishi's claims regarding its proposed salt works at Laguna San Ignacio written by Mark Spalding.

by Kenny BrunoCorpWatch
December 1st, 1997
Monsanto IS unquestionably a world leader in agricultural genetic engineering, and has staked its future on that business. It has moved aggressively with R&D, takeovers, mergers and lobbying. And, in the style of this age of greenwash, the company has initiated a slick campaign to convince a skeptical public that their genetic manipulation is a key to 'sustainable development.'

World Business Council on Sustainable Development
June 1st, 1997
In honor of the United Nations General Assembly Special Session to mark the fifth anniversary of the Rio Earth Summit, this month's Greenwash Award goes to the World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

Chlorine Chemistry Council
April 1st, 1997
This month's winner is the Chlorine Chemistry Council (CCC). The CCC is a U.S.-based lobby group representing a chlorine subcommittee of another U.S. industry group, the Chemical Manufacturers Association. Amidst the groundswell of evidence that chlorine chemicals and their accidental byproducts are slowly destroying life on earth, the CCC is responding with gigantic public relations campaigns and contributions to Washington politicians.

Ford Motor Company
February 1st, 1997
This month's winner is Ford Motor Company. Ford placed this advertisement in the May 1996 issue of Popular Science -- a lovely mirage-like image of a silver car in a field of beautiful, pink and red flowers. Puffy, white clouds and majestic, purple mountains form a dreamy backdrop for Ford's new car. The ad is truly eye-catching.

WMX Technologies
January 1st, 1997
The second Greenwash Award goes to the U.S. transnational corporation WMX Technologies for its advertisement in the ''Financial Times,'' on May 19, 1994. WMX Technologies, formerly Waste Management Incorporated, and sometimes known as Waste Management International, claims that raising environmental standards is its whole business. However, Greenpeace has tracked the activities of WMX and its subsidiaries for almost a decade and has documented the company's nefarious activities around the world, finding that WMX does more to obstruct strict environmental regulations than it does to strengthen them.

The World of Greenwash
by Kenny BrunoCorpWatch
January 1st, 1997
The world's leading ozone destroyer takes credit for leadership in ozone protection. A major agrichemical manufacturer trades in a pesticide so hazardous it has been banned in many countries, while implying it is helping feed the hungry.

Imperial Chemical Industries PLC (ICI)/Zeneca
December 1st, 1996
The first Greenwash Award goes to Imperial Chemical Industries PLC (ICI)/Zeneca**, for its full page advertisement ''Paraquat and Nature Working in Perfect Harmony.''

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