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Past Campaigns

Corporate Influence on the Elections
Find out about the corporations that are backing both the Bush and Kerry campaigns. CorpWatch investigations, live convention reports and news updates reveal the facts, figures, and faces that the corporate media don't report: Stories on specific industries such as tobacco, media, and finance; Analysis of who is giving, who is not and why; Profiles of big donors, what they give, what they get and who they control. Listen to CorpWatch's reporting team live at the Democratic and Republican conventions in joint production with Democracy Now! Listen online or locate your local affiliate at

Alliance for a Corporate-Free UN
CorpWatch was part of an international coalition of organizations exposing the poor human rights and environmental records of companies forming partnerships with the UN. CorpWatch was the Secretariat of this coalition, known as the Alliance for a Corporate-Free UN.

Greenwash Awards
CorpWatch gives out bimonthly Greenwash awards to corporations that put more money, time and energy into slick PR campaigns aimed at promoting their eco-friendly images, than they do to actually protecting the environment. Nominations for these Awards come from our audience.

Climate Justice Initiative
A CorpWatch program that worked with communities affected by the oil industry in the U.S. and internationally to address the connections between local pollution and global warming.