Attend a House Party to Take On FOX!!!!

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Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, Fox News Channel turns Republican talking points into news headlines. Now Uncovered director Robert Greenwald -- working with a group of Fox-monitoring MoveOn members -- has put together a documentary film called Outfoxed that exposes Fox for what it is: partisan spin, not news.

This Sunday evening, July 18th, you're invited to be among the first to see Outfoxed at one of over 2,500 house parties across the nation, hosted by MoveOn and Common Cause members. Then join together in a coast-to-coast conference call with comedian and radio host Al Franken and the movie's director, Robert Greenwald. We'll kick off an exciting campaign to take on Fox for its partisan reporting and deceptive slogan "Fair and Balanced."

Find a house party in your neighborhood at:

Check out the trailer for Outfoxed at the movie website here:

At this web page, you can also order your own copy of Outfoxed -- for only $9.95 plus shipping. We recommend you buy the film, watch it, and pass it on to friends. It's really an impressive and important piece of work.

Outfoxed was co-sponsored by the Center for American Progress and MoveOn. The film features former Fox News producers, reporters, bookers, and writers talking for the first time about how they were pressured to push each day's partisan message. Through leaked memos and never-before-seen Fox clips, Outfoxed makes a powerful and disturbing case not only about Fox, but about the state of American journalism.

Fox News makes no real distinction between its opinion shows and its news coverage -- partisan politics infuse all of Fox's programming. The media watch group FAIR just released a study of Fox's flagship evening news program, finding Republican guests outnumber Democrats by 5 to 1. Having an opinion is one thing. Insisting your partisan politicking is "fair and balanced" journalism is quite another. Whether you agree with Fox's politics is beside the point -- citizens in a democracy depend on unbiased news reporting.

Defending fair journalism is a huge job, and we're glad to be planning this effort with trusted friends at the Center for American Progress, Free Press, Media Matters for America, FAIR, AlterNet, Common Cause, and others.

It's time to take Fox to task for its partisanship. Join us at a house party near you:

If there are no house parties in your area, you can host your own. All you need is a TV, DVD player or VCR, and a place where folks can watch. You can allow MoveOn and Common Cause members to sign up or host a private party just for your friends. For a $29 contribution to, we'll send you a copy of Outfoxed. To get the movie in time, you'll need to sign up to host by the end of the day, at:

We hope you can make it on Sunday!

--Carrie, Joan, Lee, Marika, Noah, Peter, and Wes
The Team
July 13th, 2004

P.S. You can read the FAIR study documenting an imbalance on Fox's most prominent news show at:

The New York Times magazine ran a great piece about "Outfoxed" on Sunday. Take a look at:

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