BARBADOS: Farmers want their money

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Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

Over two dozen farmers at Gibbons Boggs and Chancery Lane Christ Church, staged protest action, this morning demanding a settlement in their case against multi-national giant, Shell.

They say their claims for compensation for contamination of their water wells have been outstanding for over ten years.

They are members of the southern farmers association, which after years of complaints, filed for and won a compensation package against shell.

The farmers complained that a leakage in a fuel oil line had severely hampered production in the area with yields dropping significantly since the problem was detected several years ago.

The issue dates back to well over a decade and lawyers for the farmers and shell have both said they are pressing ahead for a speedy settlement in the matter.

Sources say the paying out of a multi-million dollar compensation package is expected to resolve the matter, noting that the amount of money to be paid is now being formally negotiated.

The lawyer representing the oil company Pat Cheltenham is out of the country.

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