Build One America That Works For Everyone! The First Step Is To Make Sure Everyone Gets Registered To Vote!

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Dear MoveOn Member,

A few hours ago, John Kerry announced that his running mate will be Senator John Edwards. It's terrific news, reinforcing Kerry's progressive values and capitalizing on Edwards' populist "One America" message that got him so far during the primaries.

It will be a huge fight to take the two Americas that currently exist--one rich and one poor--and build one America that works for everyone. We'll win it in a million small ways: as the union leader Cesar Chavez once said, "First you talk to one person, then you talk to another person, then you talk to another person..."

Today we're asking you to join this fight. And the first step is to make sure everyone gets registered to vote. So, on July 11, we're launching "Call For Change": we'll gather in living rooms across America, cell phones in hand, to call people in closely contested "battleground" states and help them register to vote. In just a few hours we can take an important first step toward building one America. We already know this approach is effective--see below for MoveOn member comments from the last time we did it. But to make it work, we need an hour or two of your time..

Please join a "Call for Change" phone party near you at:

The "Call for Change" phone parties will happen on Sunday, July 11, in the afternoon or evening, as part of a national Election Action Weekend with dozens of other progressive groups. You can join in a party in your neighborhood, or sign up to host your own. Each additional party expands our reach significantly and makes room for more MoveOn members to help out. It couldn't be easier: we'll provide materials, and all you have to do is either invite a couple friends over to call or let other MoveOn members sign up for your party.

A phone party can be as small as 2 or 3 people in your living room, or as large as dozens of people working together. You decide whether to open your party up to other MoveOn members, and you set the maximum number of people. We'll provide lists of unregistered voters for you to call and a script you can use in talking to them. You'll be able to print out copies of voter registration forms, help people fill them out over the phone, then mail them to the people you call to sign and send in. We'll even have a 'fill in the bubbles' system to make it easy to keep track of who you reached.

When we tried this approach two months ago, MoveOn members made over 300,000 phone calls. With even more members signed up to help we can do far better this time. Here are some of the comments from MoveOn members who held phone parties last time, on May 8:

"I really enjoyed the variety of individuals who attended...everyone had different backgrounds, but all were single-minded in our purpose for the day, and we felt good about our accomplishment of calling 300 people!" -- Jody, Seattle, WA

"[The best part was] seeing many people who were nervous to make calls at the beginning leave the party with big smiles, saying how much fun it was. It's phenomenal how much 30 people can accomplish in one afternoon!" -- Jessica, San Francisco, CA

"Our party was in Central Park. The best part was when unaffiliated passersby decided to join us; one jogger ran home to get her cell phone and came back for the entire afternoon. Lots of people said they would participate next time." -- John, New York, NY

"Looking at my backyard filled with folks on their cell phones was amazing! Democracy in action! The best moment was when one of our callers encountered a Spanish speaking person. He politely tried to say he was sorry he didn't speak Spanish, but the woman next to him heard that, grabbed his phone and started talking to the person!!" -- Lisa, Washington, DC

"We realized that we are traumatized from living in Republicanville and having a 'party with a purpose' was just what we needed to feel energized and activated! We came together as strangers and left as friends, looking forward to our next get together."--Sally, Naples, FL

"I talked to a PE teacher from Iowa who told me how bad things were in their school districts, with the budget cuts. I could tell that we really gave her a lift, just knowing that thousands of us were 'taking it to the streets' for folks like her."--Barry, Anacortes, WA

"The best part was the woman in Florida who was just so glad to talk to someone else who wanted Bush out of the White House because she feels like she is the only one in the state. I told her I often have those same feelings, too living in Northern CA and that is why I became involved." -- Brenda, Carmichael, CA

"It was really invigorating to see the quiet determination of folks who feel strongly enough about MoveOn's mobilization efforts to give up a portion of their day off to call a bunch of strangers. There were clothes to be washed, papers to be graded, and lawns to be mown; yet there we all were, making 'cold calls!'" -- Kris, Clinton, NY

Help us tip the election our way by getting more progressive voters on the rolls, so we can get them to the polls. All it takes is a couple hours of your time. Click here to sign up:

MoveOn members have already accomplished extraordinary things in this election cycle. We've registered thousands of voters and raised millions of dollars to air ads that tell the truth about the Bush record. It won't be easy to unify these two Americas, but with your help, we can start.


--Adam Ruben
  Field Director, MoveOn PAC
  July 6, 2004

P.S. If you hosted a phone party on May 8, you'll be pleased to know that we have improved the system to track what happened with each call--now you'll just send us back the forms and they'll be read by computer.

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