Call for Assistance from Farmworkers who Supply Taco Bell

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Coalition of Immokalee Workers

As you may already know, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers is looking into organizing a cross-country "Taco Bell Truth Tour" -- a bus tour from Florida to California, to begin a few weeks after the formal announcement of the national boycott on Sunday, April 1st, in Orlando.

The tour will be stopping at a few major universities on the way, holding
teach-ins on the farmworkers' situation and its relationship with the issues of globalization, followed by protests outside of Taco Bell restaurants near the universities. The tour will end up in Irvine, California, home of Taco Bell's global headquarters, where we will hold a soon-to-be-announced action outside of their offices (march from LA to Irvine, hunger strike, something like that).

We need a lot of help to make this tour a success. More than anything,
we need allies in California -- students, community organizations, labor
unions, etc. -- that can join with us in the campaign once it hits Taco
Bell terrain.

So, we are asking anyone who has contacts with groups in California, or
the West Coast more generally, to please communicate with those contacts
about the CIW's plans and see if there is any interest in allying with us
once we are out there. If there is any interest, people can get more
information from our web site (, email us at, or call us (941-657-8311) as soon as possible.

Also, two of our staff members will be traveling to California to meet
with other contacts on April 2-4, so we would be really happy to add any
more possible meetings and explain the situation in person while we are our

Finally, if there are other contacts between Florida and California who
would want to host a stop on the tour, we need to begin to talk to those
people as well.

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience, but we have to throw this whole
thing together in a pretty condensed time, so we need all the help we can

Greg Asbed, CIW

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