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The Climate Justice Summit -- organized by the Indian Climate Justice Forum, a coalition of Indian and international groups, including CorpWatch -- was recently held in New Delhi, India. The alternative meeting ran parallel to the official UN Convention on Climate Change, and provided a platform for communities most affected by climate change who have been shut out of the official negotiations. On Monday October 28, the largest Climate Justice protest in history marched through the streets of Delhi. For details on this watershed gathering read the dispatch by Nadia Khastagir.

This Image Gallery gives a sense of the spirit and diversity of the alternative Summit.

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Virendra Vidrohi Bike pump CJ Banners
Bal Mazdoor NFF girls Rickshaw
Women demonstrators Climate Justice Now!

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Nadia Khastagir is CorpWatch India's producer. She participated in the the Climate Justice Summit in New Delhi.

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