The Corporation Premiers in the United States

Popular, award-winning documentary entertains while inspiring audiences internationally. Currently launching in United States this summer, poised for fall Australia and UK release.
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This provocative, feature-length documentary examines the inherent nature of the corporation, its impacts on our planet, and what people are doing in response. Based on Joel Bakan's book "The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power", the film has been generating popular support from street level to the boardrooms of the Corporate Social Responsibility movement.

Co-Director/producer Mark Achbar couldn't be more pleased with the response that The Corporation has generated worldwide.  "From the feedback we received after our sell-out screening at the World Social Forum in Mumbai, India, and our amazing reception at the Sundance Festival, not to mention the incredible response theatrically to our launch in Canada in the US, it's clear that this film is resonating with audiences around the world.  People care deeply about the issues that the film addresses."

Considered a "person" under the law, filmmakers Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott and Joel Bakan ask "What kind of person is it?"  They conclude that the corporation meets all the diagnostic criteria of a psychopath.

Six years in the making, using powerful case studies and revealing interviews, The Corporation explores the social impact of the modern business corporation through the lenses of 40 of the most influential contributors to this debate.  Interviewees include Michael Moore, the Academy Award-winning filmmaker of Bowling for Columbine; Noam Chomsky, cultural critic and Institute Professor at M.I.T.; Dr. Vandana Shiva, seed activist from India; Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize-winning economist; and Ira Jackson, the director of the Center for Business and Government at Harvard University's Kennedy School.

"The issues in this film affect everyone," says Achbar.  "We invite all people - shareholders, stakeholders, students, activists, managers, owners, and employees - to see this film and to engage in a productive debate about how best to make a difference to current and future generations."

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