Cutting-Edge Activist Website Comes of Age

The Transnational Resource & Action Center (TRAC) and its leading activist website Corporate Watch < > are simplifying their name to CorpWatch.

The move comes as the organization re-launches the website with a more user-friendly design, an on-line Press Room and enhanced research capabilities.

The new also prominently highlights CorpWatch's own campaigns-including its Climate Justice Initiative and the Alliance for a Corporate-Free UN, a global coalition for which CorpWatch serves as the Secretariat.

"CorpWatch is poised to build on its already strong track record, while continuing to serve as an excellent resource on globalization issues," said the organization's executive director, Joshua Karliner.

In November 1997 the website released the smoking gun Ernst & Young audit of labor and environmental conditions in a Nike factory in Vietnam-a document which ratcheted up the pressure on Nike to make a series of changes in its overseas factories. CorpWatch later broke the story of the growing entanglement between the United Nations and global corporations.

"The new CorpWatch will be an even more effective and aggressive tool for holding corporations accountable to human rights and environmental standards," said Karliner.

According to CorpWatch board member Nick Allen, co-founder of, a group that advises non-profits on fundraising and advocacy, changing the organization's name to its web address (URL) is a smart strategic move. It will, he says, "consolidate the very strong web presence CorpWatch has already established." Site traffic is in excess of 100,000 visitors a month.

"With the new name and streamlined site, CorpWatch has really come of age as one of the leaders in the use of the Internet as an information and campaigning tool," Allen said. managing editor Julie Light concurred that with the vast amount of information available on the site, re-structuring was a real priority.

"For the last four years, we've been an on-line clearinghouse for information about globalization and have more than 2,500 different pages of news headlines, original cutting-edge journalism and campaign updates. A site re-structure was essential to ensure the information was easily accessible to a wide range of audiences," Light said.

While the site revamp will continue to be implemented in the coming months, as more and more data is moved into the new design template, the most important resources are already available.

"For example, one of our new resources is an on-line Press Room which acts as a 'one-stop-shop' for journalists interested in globalization issues," Light said.

This one-stop-shop includes facts and figures, more in-depth press briefings, an archive of media releases and stories, and contacts for the press.

Other highlights of the re-vamped site include:

  • A more user-friendly interface design.

  • More cutting-edge journalism from the CorpWatch Investigative Journalism Fund.

  • An enhanced Guide for On-line Research geared to tracking the activities of transnational corporations.

In addition to, CorpWatch will continue its campaign against the growing entanglement between the United Nations and corporations with poor human rights and environmental records.

Meanwhile, CorpWatch's Climate Justice Initiative continues to work with communities affected by the oil industry in the US and internationally to address the connections between local pollution and global warming.

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