Demand FCC Hearing in your State

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On June 24, a federal court roundly rejected the FCC's
controversial media ownership rules, favoring Big Media and written with almost
no public input. But the rules aren't dead — they've been sent back to the FCC
for revision. Let's make sure they listen to the people before they rewrite

Add your voice now!

Join thousands of other citizens in insisting that the FCC
hold a public hearing in their states. By taking action here, you'll
simultaneously be signing a petition (to be presented to FCC Chairman Powell)
and filing a formal comment directly to the FCC. With enough people taking
direct action, the FCC and Chairman Powell will have no choice but to hear our
message: media should serve the public interest — not Big Media's bottom line.

Members of the FCC have recently taken part in public
hearings in selected cities across the country. These hearings have provided a
critical forum for average citizens to talk back to the FCC and the media in
their communities.

Now is your chance to be part of the debate — demand a
hearing in your state.

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