GAO Study: Boeing Tanker Compromise Would Save Taxpayers $3.5-4.2 Billion

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Project On Government Oversight (POGO)

A GAO study released today confirmed that the taxpayers would reap huge savings if the Senate Armed Services Committee approves a compromise proposal to lease 25 and purchase 75 tankers offered last month by Senators John Warner and Carl Levin.

A second study lends credence to an estimate by the Institute for Defense Analysis that the Air Force is paying far too much for the lease of 100 wide-body Boeing tanker aircraft.

These two GAO studies show that the original plan to lease 100 tankers from Boeing is a taxpayer gift, said POGO Senior Defense Investigator Eric Miller. Already several government agencies from the Congressional Budget Office to the White House Office of Management and Budget have said an outright purchase would save the taxpayers billions of dollars. Now, the GAO is weighing in and the choice should be more clear than ever.

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