National Day of Action for Clean Air at Kodak - April 23, 2003

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Citizens' Environmental Coalition

Organize A Local Event In Your Community Outside Of A Drugstore Chain

Students and community members from across the country are gearing up to take part in the first ever National Day of Action for Clean Air at Kodak on April 23rd. We need YOUR help to make this a success by organizing an event in your local community outside of a drugstore chain that sells Kodak film.

Warning: Kodak's Toxic Emissions May Be Hazardous To Your Health

Kodak is not only New York State's number one manufacturing polluter, but also one of the nation's top polluters of cancer-causing chemicals, including dioxin and methylene chloride. A recent report published by the US Public Interest Research Group found that Rochester, NY, home to Kodak experienced the greatest overall releases of cancer-causing chemicals between 1987-2000 due to Kodak's pollution. Kodak has a long history of environmental violations, contamination of the Rochester community, dumping of hazardous wastes in Kodak Park, and advocacy for the weakening of environmental regulations.

Plan An Event At A Drugstore Chain That Sells Kodak Film

Concerned citizens around the country will be organizing events inside and outside of drug store chains that sell Kodak film, such as Rite-Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Eckerds, Kinney Drugs, etc. There are a variety of ways to get involved from standing outside a store, delivering flyers, to staging street theater actions. You don't need a big group of people to pull an event off, just a few people will do the job! Below is a list of possible activities around the Kodak day of action that you can participate in, or be creative and come up with your own action or demonstration. The main goal is to be visible at stores throughout the country.

Ideas And Suggestions For Events:

  • Find a few friends to help you distribute flyers inside and outside of the store.
  • Stage a small street theater event outside, dressed up as a nurse or doctor and hand out "prescriptions for a clean Kodak" to people entering the drug store chain.
  • Fill shopping carts with Kodak products and purchase them. Leave the store and after receiving a flyer from someone outside, approach the store manager to let him/her know that consumers reject them. Have the manager fax headquarters.
  • Buy Kodak products and send them back to headquarters.
  • Stage a small protest, in costume, in front of the stores.

    We Will Provide You With Materials To Make Your Event Successful:

    • Flyers, postcards, and prescriptions to hand out to customers entering and leaving the stores.
    • Sample media advisories and press releases to distribute to local media.
    • Talking Points
    • Informational reports about Kodak's pollution.

    Get In Touch With Us

    Contact Citizens' Environmental Coalition if you are interested in planning a event at 716-885-6848 or so we can provide support for the great work you are doing on your campus or in your community! We will send you an organizing packet to help you along in planning your event. Other action materials that may be of help on the day of your action may also be available upon request.

    Want More Information?

    Check out the Kodak campaign website at

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