The Players in the GATS Negotiations

The U.S. Coalition of Service Industries is the top lobby group in the November WTO meeting in Qatar. The table below looks at 12 heavy hitters in the 67 member Coalition.

For a full list see: the USCSI website:


Services Sector

Fortune Global 500 Ranking

(Revenues for the year 2000 - in US dollars)

General Electric

Financial Services (under its GE Capital wing, which is now half of GE's business)

($129.9 billion)


Financial Services

($111.8 billion)


Energy Services, Distribution Services,...

($100.8 billion)

AT & T

Telecommunications and Information Technology

($66.0 billion)

JP Morgan Chase

Financial Services

($60.1 billion)

Bank of America

Financial Services

($57.7 billion)

American International Group

Financial Services

($46.0 billion)

Vivendi Universal

Multiservice (Water, publishing, information technology, audio-visual services, transportation, energy)

($38.6 billion)

United Parcel Service (UPS)

Transportation and Express Delivery

($29.8 billion)

American Express

Financial Services

($23.7 billion)


Consultancy; Information Systems

($19.2 billion)


Transportation and Express Delivery

($18.3 billion)

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