RCA-Taiwan Employees Need Your Help

Dear Friends,

We are writing this letter on behalf of a group of former RCA employees in Taiwan to seek for your support. RCA, now under the ownership of GE and Thomson, invested and set up factories in Taiwan since the 60's. After RCA moved out from Taiwan in 1992, serious pollution at the factory site was exposed and discovered.

The Self-Help Association of Former RCA Employees was founded in 1998. Up to now, the committee has collected over 1375 cancer cases, 216 cases of cancer deaths, and 102 cases of various tumors among its members. TEAN, a US-based environmental organization, is helping the Self-Help Association to bring together international labor, environmental and human rights groups, and occupational health professionals and lawyers in a campaign to demand monetary compensation. You can find more information about TEAN and RCA campaign by linking to our website:


Two representatives of the Self-Help Association and two Taiwanese Public-TV reporters will come to the US in late April. They hope to seek campaign suggestions from US-based environmental groups and activists like you (also do TV interview for a documentary). We believe that only with your help and support, we would be able to put more pressure on GE and the US government to take proper action on this issue. If you are willing to meet the representatives in March, please reply us directly for further arrangement. We look forward to hearing from you!

best regards,

Sandra Peng, TEAN campaign coordinator

Lily Hseuh, TEAN campaign coordinator, SVTC board member


Yen-Wen Peng (Sandra)

Ph.D. student, Urban Planning and Public Policy

Rutgers University

Tel: (732) 985-1797

E-mail: yenwen@eden.rutgers.edu

Member of Taiwan Women


Taiwan Environmental Action Network


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