Rock Against Coca Cola in Turkey

Peace & Rock Festival!

In Turkey, we have bad news
for Coca Cola. As it did last year Coca Cola Co. is arranging a music
festival as a part of its advertisement campaign here in Istanbul.

Although the musical
ingredients don't have connection with rock, they are using "Rock N
Coke" as the name of the festival, spending a big budget and carrying
out a big advertisement campaign.

Last year the individual
activists and musicians who got angry about Coca Cola -which sponsors
arranged an alternative festival with the help of NGO's & trade
unions, its name was Barisarock, which means Peace and Rock against
Rock and Coke.

As a result Istanbul hosted two festivals
separately on 6-7 September, last year: the Coca Cola festival with huge
budget and excessive prices and Barisarock with only voluntary
participation. More than 30 musician and groups joined Barisarock. None
of them took money.

For a month Coca Cola had been displaced. Anti-war movement and rock listeners came together.

"Another world is possible"
expression came true in Barisarock. We performed the right and the
beautiful against the that to which we say NO!

Cheap ticket, food and drink. None of the products of Coca Cola were
consumed in festival area. Voices against war and capitalism rose up in
the activity which we can call Turkey's (or maybe Middle East's)

Young names of Turkish rock music, legend groups, and groups from other
countries like Lebanon, Britain, and Georgia had played. Sings were
song in Turkish, Kurdish, English, Georgian, Laz language, Armenian and

Coca Cola took an unexpected defeat. 10.000 people participated to
Barisarock. Failing to learn from history, Coca
Cola is arranging its festival again. There are names participating
like 50 Cent, Iggy Pop.

Anti-war, anti-capitalist rock music listeners and musicians are
preparing to answer "coke" once more. Barisarock will be arranged in a
forest with almost 30 local and foreign groups.

Your participation or your message is very important for us. Please contact us.

Help us to defend Rock & Roll's against Coca Cola, the symbol of war and capitalism.

+90 212 243 89 57

+90 535 6582960 (mobile)

Use the links below to see pictures from last years action.

Barisarock & Coalition Global Peace and Justice

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