Support the Families of Norco, Louisiana in Their Fight Against Shell!

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Concerned Citizens of Norco

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For 15 years the residents of the Diamond district, an African American community in Norco, Louisiana, have been demanding that Shell relocate them from their neighborhood adjacent to one of the corporation's chemical plants. Despite the pollution, accidents and health risks caused by the plant, Shell refuses to relocate all the residents of Diamond.

Send a free fax Shell CEO Steven Miller! Demand justice for the families of Norco. Or first, read some facts:

  • Diamond is an African American neighborhood made up of four streets in the town of Norco, LA, 25 miles up the Mississippi River from New Orleans.

  • Many of the Diamond residents are descendents of the sharecroppers and slaves that worked the land since the days before the Civil War.

  • Since the 1950's, Shell has devoured much of the land for its ever-expanding industrial needs. Shell 's operations now extend to within 15 feet of the neighborhood.

  • A community group in Diamond -- Concerned Citizens of Norco -- has been battling Shell for 15 years for a fair and just relocation from Shell's hazardous operations.

  • Shell has had fatal accidents, one in which a boy mowing a lawn was burned alive when a Shell pipeline exploded. Shell never apologized and paid the family a mere $500.

  • The deaths, the health risks of breathing toxic chemicals, and the ceaseless noise from the plant have sent Diamond property values plummeting.

  • Shell has exploited these falling property values. From 1970 to 2000, Shell bought 48 properties in the neighborhood for an average price of $26,933.

  • In August of 2000, Shell made an offer to buy only half of this historic community, excluding two of the neighborhood's four streets.

  • Diamond has a strong social fabric. Grown children care for their elderly parents, families and neighbors care for each others' children.

Shell is destroying this strong social fabric of Diamond. The elderly and the sick are being divided from their primary caretakers, children are being ripped from those that care for them. The community demands that Shell provide fair and equal resettlement for all of Diamond's families.

For more information check out the Louisiana Bucket Brigade,

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