Tell Borders to Boycott Boise Cascade

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Rain Forest Action Network

Tell Borders Books Not to Buy from Boise Cascade, the Roadless Policy's Biggest Opponent and an American Disgrace

Borders Books and its subsidiary Waldenbooks are helping Boise overthrow the most popular conservation measure in American history: The U.S. Roadless Conservation Policy. In December, an appeals court reinstated the Roadless Policy, which had been stopped by an Idaho U.S. District Judge in response to a lawsuit filed by Boise Cascade lumber company and others. This landmark conservation initiative puts nearly two-thirds of our national forests off-limits to logging and development, and is supported by more than 2.2 million Americans, including many of Border's own customers.

Boise is continuing its legal assault against the roadless policy and appealed the reinstatement of the rule on December 24, 2002. Four out of five Americans support wilderness protection, but Boise is ignoring modern public values in its fight to overturn permanent protection of America's last remaining old growth forests. Dozens of Boise's customers including L.L. Bean, Patagonia, Levi-Strauss and Washington Mutual refuse to do business with the most un-American logging and paper company because of its rampant environmental problems. They've have canceled their wood and paper contracts with Boise. Why hasn't Borders?

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