US: KBR stake under attack

Anti-war groups on Thursday dropped in on California Public
Employees' Retirement System trustees to deliver a message: dump KBR

Sacramento for Democracy and other groups presented CalPERS
with what they said were the names of 20,000 petitioners asking the
fund to shed its KBR holdings. CalPERS owns about $27 million in KBR

The company is a former unit of Halliburton Co. and a U.S.
government contractor in Iraq. It has come under fire for allegedly
exposing its employees and U.S. troops to chemical hazards as it
repairs Iraq's oil infrastructure. It also has been accused of
profiteering through contracts to provide food, housing and other
services to the military.

CalPERS will take the petition "under advisement," said spokeswoman Pat Macht.

AMP Section Name:War & Disaster Profiteering
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