• Parent company: Lyft Inc
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
  • Industry: Transportation
  • Products: Ride sharing
  • U.S. penalties paid (2000-2020): 

    $29,500,000 (Data source: Violation Tracker.)

  • 2019 Gross Revenue: + $3.616 billion
  • 2019 Profit/Loss: - $2.602 billion
  • Tax Havens: Delaware, USA
  • Senior Executives: Logan Green (CEO), John Zimmer (Co founder and President), Jon McNeil (COO)
  • Year of Incorporation: 2012

Lyft is accused of disability discrimination as it fails to provide cars with wheelchair access.

Lyft drivers are uneasy over employment status.

Lyft privacy violations as company showcases ability to track people through the app.

Lyft Lobbying for deregulation, critics say this is bad for customers and drivers alike.

(For detailed data on Lyft's violations, such as those listed below, please see Violation Tracker from Good Jobs First, our go-to source for data on corporate abuses.)

Disability Discrimination, Insufficient Employment Status, Improper use of Client Data, Preempting Regulations

Lyft started in San Francisco in 2012 and is one of a number of companies that have sparked the ride sharing revolution. As such, it has seen its fair share of the turbulences that have come from the merging and turbulent market. Ride sharing involves drivers using their own cars to taxi customers who are connected via an app.