• Parent company: NA
  • Headquarters: Milford, CT
  • Industry: Food and Agriculture
  • Products: Fast Food
  • Penalties paid (2000-2018): $394,900
  • 2017 Gross Revenue: NA
  • 2017 Profit/Loss: NA
  • Tax Havens: Idaho, USA
  • Senior Executives: Suzanne Greco (CEO)
  • Year of Incorporation: 1965


Subway labor violations.

Subway health violations.

Subway labor and human rights violations, forcing employee to work while ill.

Labor Violations, Worker Abuse, Health Violation

Subway Restaurant's franchise has become the largest fast food chain worldwide in number of stores globally. It was started in 1965 and has spent the last couple decades trying to model itself as the cheap but healthy fast food restaurant. The company has had a number of scandals, most notably the former ad mascot Jared Fogle who was arrested for child molestation.