Anti WTO/FTAA Student Trainings in Florida and New York

Florida and New York, Start Now to Stop FTAA/WTO

1. The WTO is getting ready to meet in Cancun, Mexico in September to
discuss a vast expansion of its powers to undo rules to protect workers
and the environment.

2. Negotiations on the Free Trade Area of the Americas are coming to
Miami, Florida in November 2003 and they're threatening communities
from Boston to Buenos Aires.

3. The negotiations on the GATS are moving forward and leaks to NGOs
are revealing exactly what essential services will be on the auction block
for privatization.

WHAT are we going to do about it? Start organizing now

YOU'RE INVITED to attend Fair Trade Activist Trainings with the Sierra
Student Coalition & Sierra Club in Florida and New York.

WHO: Students ready to roll out the unwelcome mat for the WTO and
FTAA from their towns and states all the way to Cancun and Miami.

WHERE AND WHEN Two locations: Columbia University in New York
City on March 22, and the Miami Workers Center in Miami, Florida on March 29.

For the Miami training, basic lodging is available for students
coming from elsewhere in Florida wishing to stay overnight on March
28th and/or 29th

Students from New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey are
especially encouraged to attend the New York event

What will we focus on?

The threats posed by the WTO and FTAA to our environment and communities here and abroad. Campaign planning and organizational skills.

Reinvigorating and building the student movement against the WTO and
FTAA from the local and state level up.

You'll also get to:

Learn about trade issues from experts and hear from experienced

Meet like-minded student and adult activists who share your passion
and enthusiasm.

Maybe even have a little bit of fun!


You can register online at:"

Questions? Email:


The training is free! If you are not an SSC member, we ask that you pay
$25 for membership (this entitles you to all the benefits of SSC/Sierra
Club membership.)

Background Info:

"Free trade" agreements, like NAFTA and the World Trade
Organization, are devastating the environment, human rights, workers, democracy, and the poor, all in the name of increased opportunities for global

The Bush administration and Big Business are quickly and quietly
pushing ahead with an agenda to expand this corporate regime - headlined by a
massive new Free Trade Area of the Americas (NAFTA on steroids) and new
powers for the WTO to reach into all aspects of our economy and lives.

Today, our communities are put at risk by global trade rules that
sacrifice state and local community protections for the benefit of
globalcorporations. Local rules to protect clean air and water, encourage
union labor, and support women-, veteran-, and minority-owned businesses can
be challenged under trade rules, and essential services could be up for
privatization. In an effort to broaden and deepen the coalition
for environmentally responsible trade, the Sierra Club and the Sierra
Student Coalition are hosting two Fair Trade Activist Trainings.

Participants will leave the training ready to build from their
community to getting the message for fair trade out at the WTO and FTAA meetings
this Fall!

The Miami Trade Training will have a special focus on the fast
approaching Summit of the America's scheduled for November, 2003, with the goal of spurring student networking and organizing across Florida.

Rachel Ackoff

Fair Trade Campaign Coordinator

Student Action on the Global Economy Program

Sierra Student Coalition


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