Bad Girls Take on Big Tobacco

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Christy Ferguson (a.k.a. Roxy Sabre)

Ottawa (May 13, 2002) -- Sluts Against Butts, a group of women bent on holding the tobacco industry responsible for the death, disease, and addiction it causes, today announced the launch of their website:

What do sluts have to do with smoking? ''Tobacco companies see rebellious
girls and women as easy targets for marketing campaigns,'' said Lara Lola.
''We're here to tell them that bad girls can't be bought.''

''The tobacco industry knows that women want to be independent, so they
market smoking as an act of liberation,'' added fellow slut Roxy Sabre. ''But
there's nothing liberating about being suckered by a multinational company -- especially one whose products make you dependent and weak.''

The site features incriminating ads and quotes from tobacco execs and
downloadable tools for subverting them, as well as polls, quizzes, an alias
generator, and other fun stuff.

The group hopes the site will inspire women to resist big tobacco, and have
a good time doing it. And early indications are good -- Shanghai Roxy, a
visitor to the site, wrote: ''I want to join your organization. No one has
ever invited me to be a slut before. In fact, I've never even written the
word before. I can see it now: fighting big tobacco empowers women to be
themselves. Count me in!''

In upcoming weeks, Sluts Against Butts will be staging actions to expose the tobacco industry and their collaborators for the opportunist bastards that
they are.


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