BOLIVIA: Bolivia Indicts Shady Oil Transnat

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Prensa Latina

Bolivia´s President Evo Morales is analyzing Monday with specialized officials the current situation of Andina Co., controlled by Spanish transnational Repsol which is accused of illegally trafficking petroleum.

According to a government statement, the issue is being discussed along with Hydrocarbon Minister Andres Soliz and state company Bolivian Tax Oil Fields president Jorge Alvarado, both well-known for their accusations of transnational abuses.

The meeting coincides with the presentation of a Custom House´s formal indictment against the Andean executives, for misdirecting oil and falsification of documents.

According to Morales, his government aims to investigate all oil companies, with the criterion that Bolivia needs partners that fulfill commitments and abide by national laws.

Bolivia´s National Customs House president Ricardo Alba stated Friday he will request judgment for the Andean executives for having illegally taken 230,399 barrels of crude oil out of the country, valued at $9,215,000 million.

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