CorpWatch Covers the Conventions

CorpWatch election coverage features daily video reports from the Republican National Convention in New York as well as archived stories from the Democratic convention in Boston. The live reports air daily on the Pacifica Network national news show Democracy Now!

Corpwatch's Pratap Chatterjee Talks To Texas Senator Phil Gramm About Banking & Wall Street

A group of Wall Street bankers and insurance companies, threw a brunch party for the Senate Banking Committee and the House Financial Services Committee at an upscale restaurant in Central Park. Among the many political guests was former Texas Senator Phil Gramm, who has been one of the biggest congressional advocates for the financial services industry.

Dick Cheney Promotes Unilateral War in Acceptance Speech

Vice President Dick Cheney accepted his party's nomination to run for a second term yesterday. We take a look at the Vice President's history with journalists Pratap Chatterjee of CorpWatch and John Nichols of The Nation, author of Dick the Man Who is President.

GOP Delegates Mingle with Industry Lobbyists at Corporate-Sponsored Parties

From the "Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroad Company Central Park
Boathouse" to the "Pepsi Metropolitan Museum", Corporate-Sponsored
Takeovers Makeover Manhattan.

Some 5,000 Republican delegates and alternates as well as 15,000
journalists descended on New York City last weekend to attend the
Party's 2004 national convention. Corpwatch and Democracy Now! visited
a few of the locations that the official delegations were staying at
and tracked down some of the company sponsored parties.

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From the Streets to the Corporate Suites
CorpWatch looks at Republican senator Peter Domenici of New Mexico, the chair of the Energy and Mineral Resources subcommittee, and his connections to lobbyists in the nuclear power and the fossil fuel industry. (Video download information:Story starts at 1:42:30 )

Time-Warner foots bill for Mayor Michael Bloomberg's journalists' bash at the RNC.

Free alcohol, from champagne to custom-ordered
cocktails, gourmet cuisine from around the world, as well as a variety of
cultural acts, ranging from jazz music to mime artists, were on hand to
entertain the 15,000 members of the media at the giant Time-Warner Center near
Central park. Caught munching at the
Thai fusion table, billionaire media magnate Mayor Michael Bloomberg, party
co-host, tells CorpWatch that "If media reduced the rates, the politicians
wouldn't spend all that money, and you wouldn't have a job." (Vidoe download information: Story starts at 44:20 in hour one)

Raytheon, Citibank, Chase Manhattan and Fleet Boston Help Finance the Most Expensive Convention in History

Boston, July 28, 2004. The Democratic convention in Boston this week has cost $95 million to produce, making it the most expensive political party convention in history. Senator John Kerry has spent hundreds of millions on television advertising for his presidential bid. Most of this money has come from multinational corporations and deep-pocketed Democrats - 564 of whom each have collected at least $50,000 for Kerry"s campaign. More...

Party On in Boston: How Corporations Spend Thousands to Wine and Dine Legislators.

Boston, July 27, 2004. Multinational companies are throwing dozens of parties for Democratic delegates, members of Congress, their staff and their wealthy supporters. More...

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