EarthSummit.Biz Launched

San Francisco, London and Johannesberg -- In preparation for the Johannesburg Earth Summit, the Greenwash Academy is proud to announce that nominations are open for the Green Oscars -- the premier awards for corporations acting green.

Individuals and organisations are invited to nominate corporations under categories such as: Best Green Actor, Best Foreign Direct Investment and Best Director. The awards will go to corporations who have shown an outstanding commitment to acting green. The Academy is dedicated to showing how hard corporations are really working for sustainable development.

The Academy will give special attention to those nominees who can demonstrate their skills at giving human rights, social and environmental abuses a patina of respectability. Governments can compete for an award too for turning a blind eye to corporate irresponsibility in the Best Supporting Government category.

The awards themselves will be presented at a glittering ceremony in August at the Johannesburg Earth Summit. There is no intention to compete with the International Chamber of Commerce awards to corporations also to be presented at the Summit.

Nominations can be made exclusively at the web site.

Unlike our nominees, the Academy wishes to make it known it is not open to any form of bribe. However, voluntary contributions can be accepted in the name of 'Greenwash Academy' at all banks.

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