ECUADOR: Ecuadorians Enlisting for Iraq as Mercenaries

Quito, Aug 18 -- About 30 Ecuadorians have been enlisted to travel to Iraq as mercenaries by US recruiting firms at the US-occupied Manta air base, a Parliamentary source denounced Thursday.

Democratic Left (ID) deputy Guillermo Haro presented a list of Ecuadorians who are ready to leave for Iraq as mercenaries.

He said those firms engaged in war-related affairs have been operating in Ecuador unhindered despite not being registered by the proper authorities.

After listing the names of those nationals, many of them professionals, Haro recalled there is a contingent of about 30,000 mercenaries in Iraq who receive substantial salaries.

He urged authorities to open an investigation into these denunciations and the possible implication of US soldiers based at the Manta air base, a facility from which regional anti-drug operations are launched.

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