Exxonmobil International Day of Action

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WHEN: Wednesday -- July 11, 2001

WHERE: Your Local Exxonmobil Gas Station, Refinery, or Corporate Office

WHY: In April, Bush crushed worldwide hopes for reducing global warming
by rejecting the Kyoto climate change treaty. Coming from the country
that produces 25% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions but only
houses 4% of the population, the US position has outraged the
international community.

Time is running out. So much to be done. Enter the International Day of
Action against ExxonMobil. Pressure Point, a Seattle-based nonprofit, is
coordinating a Call to Action against Bush's biggest supporter and the
worst of the "Greenhouse Gangsters" --ExxonMobil. The actions/ protests
are scheduled for the 11th of July. This year, we'll be declaring our
independence from corporations like ExxonMobil.

Leading up to the mid-July climate negotiations in Germany, the
International Day of Action happens concurrently with an ongoing
international boycott of ExxonMobil. Targeting ExxonMobil, the biggest US
corporation and its highest profile oil company, will spearhead the
campaign against the oil industry, sending a message to Bush and all oil
companies that the US must take climate justice seriously now.

ExxonMobil continues to fund greenhouse skeptics, has spent millions on
greenwash advertisements, was one of the top contributors to Bush's
election, has been active in lobbying the US government to reject the
Kyoto Protocol, and invests virtually nothing in renewable energy. It is
also one of the major proponents behind drilling in the Arctic Refuge.
ExxonMobil also has a terrible human rights and environmental record and
is an unabashed supporter of free trade.

Organizers in at least 15 countries are mobilizing around targeting
ExxonMobil, and actions are scheduled for most major US cities. The
International Day of Action is part of a major global campaign on climate
and fossil fuels, and a campaign that will send a message to Bush, the
US's biggest proponent of the oil industry.

Get involved in our direct action campaign against ExxonMobil. National
groups like PIRG, RAN, Greenpeace, and Free the Planet support the
International Day of Action. This is big. We need all of you. Contact us
and we'll help coordinate an action in your city, school, at an ExxonMobil
gas station, refinery, corporate office, wherever. We'll send you an
organiziing kit, or you can download it from our website.

Join the global effort to let ExxonMobil and George W. Bush know it's not
up to them to determine our planet's future, that we will no longer
tolerate oil drilling in our last wildernesses like the Arctic National
Wildlife Refuge, and that they have to make the shift from exploration to
renewable energy NOW. Join the campaign, and fight to reclaim our

For more information contact PressurePoint:

email: info@pressurepoint.org

tel: 206-325-6021

website: http://www.pressurepoint.org

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