Friends of the Earth Pulls Out of DC Protests

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September 14, 2001

No Protest, Says Friends of the Earth

Group to Cancel Involvement in World Bank, IMF Demonstrations in Light of
Terrorist Bombings

Washington, DC-- Friends of the Earth today confirmed they would not
participate in planned demonstrations during meetings of the World Bank and
International Monetary Fund later this month in light of recent terrorist
attacks on The United States.

"Out of respect for those who lost their lives in the recent tragedy and
out of concern for the safety of protestors, we have chosen to demonstrate
our commitment to peace and justice by not demonstrating," said Brent
Blackwelder, Friends of the Earth President.

The group also called upon the World Bank and IMF to cancel their meetings
planned for late September in Washington, DC.

"Our work to reform these institutions continues unabated," said
Blackwelder. "These senseless terrorist attacks underscore the need to
focus on victims of suffering worldwide."

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